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GARRETT G42-1200 73MM

Horsepower: 475 - 1200

Displacement: 2.0L - 7.0L


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“Garrett Performance Kits are professional aftermarket products only designed for certain racing vehicles driven on particular racing tracks and shall only be used on racing vehicles that will never be driven on public roads or highways. Garrett Performance Kits are not legal for the use in vehicles on public roads or other roads to which public road law applies. Any vehicle modifications using Garrett Performance Kits are AT YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY and AT YOUR OWN RISK. Only use Garrett Performance Kits in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances (including but not limited to emission, noise, operating license, performance, safety, and type-approval aspects). A vehicle modification using Garrett Performance Kits may particularly affect or void a vehicle’s warranty, operating license or type-approval. Moreover, only use Garrett Performance Kits in compliance with all applicable racing and racing track provisions. It is YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK to ensure that your Garrett Performance Kit fits your vehicle and area of application. YOU MUST ENSURE LAWFUL AND SAFE OPERATIONS AT ANY TIME. You should particularly consult the owner’s manual and service manual of your vehicle. You should also contact your vehicle’s manufacturer to determine what effects modifications may have on important aspects such as safety, warranty, performance, etc. Only install and use Garrett Performance Kits if you have fully read and understood this important safety information and if you fully agree with the terms and conditions set forth therein.”

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April 5, 2022

This Garrett Turbo 700-HP Show-Stopping Ford F-100 Was Built as a Sentimental Tribute Truck

Jake Smith transformed his late uncle’s 1953 Ford F-100 into the ultimate showstopper with 700-horsepower from a Garrett G42.

January 24, 2022

Collete Davis’ 620 Horsepower 3 Rotor FC RX7

In 2016, Collete Davis started her first drift project: an FC RX7. Now it’s fitted with a Garrett Turbocharged 20B 3-Rotor

April 13, 2022

The StanceWorks Honda K24-Swapped Ferrari 308 GTB Gets 1,000+ HP with a Garrett Turbo

StanceWorks brought this vintage 1981 Ferrari 308 GTBi into the modern era with a Honda K24 engine and massive Garrett turbo.

June 12, 2020

Dylan Hughes Builds A 946 Horsepower E46 BMW

Dylan Hughes builds his BMW E46 Formula Drift competition car from the ground up with a 3.0L 2JZ power plant and Garrett G Series turbochargers. See the results of this 2JZ engine turbo test.

June 16, 2020

Ryan Tuerck’s Toyota 86 Makes 1000WHP On G42-1200C Turbo

Ryan Tuerck’s Toyota 86 uses a 3.0L 2JZ engine boosted by a Garrett G42-1200C, a combination that made just over 1000 horsepower to the wheels on 30PSI

May 29, 2020

Turbo Tech: Compound Turbo Systems

Compound turbo systems use different size turbos and operate in series where the first turbo feeds the second turbo boosted air and the effect is compounded

April 24, 2023

How To Select A Turbo Part 1

With over 35 Garrett turbos to choose, how do you select the right one? This provides some insight into the complicated process.

April 23, 2023

How To Select A Turbo Part 2: Calculations

Turbo any engine once you apply these calculations. Find the compressor that matches your inputs and you are on your way to turbocharging any engine

September 16, 2019

1st Place For GCG Sponsored Andy Gray Team Powervehicles Japan

Congrats to Andy Gray, 3 time Formula Drift Japan Champion for his 1st place finish at Okuibuki Formula Drift. His Powervehicles JZX100 Mark 2, 2JZ turbocharged Garrett G42-1200 supplied the power he needed to fight some tough battles and come out on top.

March 18, 2022

Bulgarian-Built and Boosted 4-Cylinder AWD Audi S3 Drag Car Makes 1,250+ HP with Garrett

Built by Bulgaria’s Georgi Georgiev, this 4-cylinder AWD 2000 Audi S3 drag car makes 1,250+ horsepower with a G42-1450 Garrett turbo.

April 13, 2022

Motion Auto’s Garrett Turbo K24-Powered AWD Honda Civic Makes 800+ Horsepower

Motion Auto built a sick K24-powered and AWD Honda Civic and pushed it to make 800+ horsepower with a Garrett turbo.

April 13, 2022

The Skid Factory Builds One Bad Barra-Powered and Garrett-Boosted 1,100+ HP 7-Seater Sleeper Bedford Van

By Ainsley Jacobs Australia’s Skid Factory built a badass Barra-powered and Garrett-boosted 7-seater sleeper Bedford van with 1,100-horsepower. Australian ingenuity knows no limits. When The…

April 12, 2022

FuelTech Finds and Restores This Ferrari F355 Then Ups the Ante with a Huge Garrett Turbo

Found in Atlanta, FuelTech restored this forgotten Ferrari F355 and enhanced its power with a Garrett G42-1200 turbo.

April 12, 2022

Monsta Torque’s Barra-Powered FG Ford Falcon Ute is a 1,000+ HP Garrett Turbocharged Monster

Monsta Torque took this Ford Falcon FG F6 and transformed it into a 1,000+ hp monster with a Garrett turbo and Barra engine.

G-Series G42-1200 73mm

Reference Data

G42-1200 Compressor Turbine
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Inducer Exducer Trim
HP: 475-1200 Disp: 2.0L-7.0L 73mm 91mm 65 0.85 82mm 75mm 84
Supercore PN
Full-Size Comp Housing 860778-5004S
Turbine Kits: G42 PN A/R Inlet Outlet Wastegate Divided
Free Float Turbine Housing 757707-0011 1.01 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
757707-0012 1.15 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
757707-0013 1.28 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
757707-0014 1.01 T4 V-band Free Float Y
757707-0015 1.15 T4 V-band Free Float Y
757707-0016 1.28 T4 V-band Free Float Y

G-Series G42-1200 73mm

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Speed Sensor Kit Installation Instruction Download View

G-Series G42-1200 73mm

Compressor Map & Exhaust Flow Chart

Compressor Map

Exhaust Flow Chart


  • CFD (computational fluid dynamics) engineered compressor wheel
  • Optimized blade contour with 10 blade count
  • Forged and fully-machined compressor wheel
  • More power and faster boost response
  • Smaller wheel = lower inertia

  • Garrett® G42-1200 available with compact housing and standard housing
  • Garrett® G42-1450 available only with standard housing
  • (A) Fully machined ported shroud to help reduce compressor surge.
  • (B) A fully machined speed sensor port provides racers the option to add a speed sensor. Comparing shaft speed and boost levels on a compressor map will help determine ideal operating conditions to ensure peak power over a wider operating range.
  • (C ) The fully machined pressure port.
  • Sold separately, the Garrett ® G Series speed sensor kits have new part numbers and are not compatible with GT/GTX kits. Easier to install and will not need to be adjusted for length like previous sensors. Simply remove bolt that secures the plug, insert the speed sensor and re-tighten the bolt.

Speed Sensor Kits

G Series Street Kit: 781328-0003 (includes speed sensor, wire harness, gauge)

G Series Pro Kit: 781328-0004 (includes speed sensor, wire harness)

  • Aluminum backplate for reduced weight (GTX42 Steel)
  • Includes (2) -6AN water fittings
  • Center housing to turbine housing Vband connection makes installation easy for installers. (Same Vband as GTX42 / GTX45)
  • GTX and GT turbine housings are not interchangeable
  • Full 360 degree orientation of compressor housing and non wastegated turbine housings
  • An o-ring between the compressor housing and backplate reduces any boost pressure leakage

  • Twin piston rings on both sides of the shaft reduce the likeliness of oil leakage from the center housing to the compressor or turbine stage.
  • A new oil deflector redirects oil away from the compressor stage seals reducing possibility of oil leakage through the seals.
  • 10mm ceramic dual ball bearing cartridge (Same as GTX42)

  • The turbine wheel features all new aerodynamics to improve flow and boost response.
  • Inconel super alloy construction for temperatures up to 950C
  • New turbine wheel flows 10% more and has peak efficiency of 77% (Compared to GTX42 at 74% with 1.01A/R)
  • 82mm inducer / 75mm exducer 84 Trim

  • G42 turbine housings are made from stainless steel to provide ultimate durability and temperature capability up 950 deg C degrees | 1742 deg F
  • B&C qualified
  • GTX and GT housings not interchangeable.
  • Turbine housings are available in V-band, open, free float configurations for launch
  • V-band inlet is 3.6 inch / 92mm ( compared to GTX30/35 3 inch / 76mm
  • V-band outlet is 4.3 inch / 109mm

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