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Overview Level 1 Level 2 Racing level (Bonus) Level 3

Each level will give you more in-depth expertise about turbos, from what is a turbo to internal parts and functions and various troubleshooting conditions. You can proceed to the next level after you pass an exam to test your knowledge.

What you will discover:

  • What is a turbo and how does it work. Operating conditions. Exhaust gas flow. Air flow. Operating conditions. Turbo & engine schematic.
  • What is A/R. Turbo performance and families. Free floating. Turbine bypass (wastegate). VNT.
  • Inside the CHRA. Internal parts & functions. Lubrication & oil drainage. Heat soak and cooling. Locknut tightening.
  • Turbo Bearing Systems. Different bearing families. Controlling the rotating assembly. No. 1 turbo killer – the oil contamination. How to ensure a long service life.
  • The Turbocharger Oil and Gas Sealing System. Oil Seals. Dynamic, Differential Pressure Sealing System. Turbine End Sealing System. Compressor End Sealing System.
  • How a Turbo Works. Turbo Matching. Installation and Fabrication. Engine Tuning. Track Approved.
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