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Overview Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Racing level (Bonus)


After you register, you will receive access to Installer Connect training platform where you will complete the online video modules.

Each level will give you more in-depth expertise about turbos, from what is a turbo to internal parts and functions and various troubleshooting conditions.

You can proceed to the next level after you pass an exam to test your knowledge.


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Level 1

What is a turbo, and how does it work. Operating conditions. Exhaust gas flow. Airflow. Turbo & engine schematic.

What is A/R? Turbo performance and families. Free-floating. Turbine bypass (wastegate). VNT.

Level 2

Inside the CHRA. Internal parts & functions. Lubrication & oil drainage. Heat soak and cooling. Locknut tightening.

Turbo Bearing Systems. Different bearing families. Controlling the rotating assembly. No. 1 turbo killer – the oil contamination. How to ensure long service life.

Level 3

The Turbocharger Oil and Gas Sealing System. Oil Seals. Dynamic, Differential Pressure Sealing System. Turbine End Sealing System. Compressor End Sealing System.

Racing and Performance (Bonus level)

How a Turbo Works. Turbo Matching. Installation and Fabrication. Engine Tuning. Track Approved.


This course is targeted towards mechanic professionals within the Automotive industry who wish to learn more about turbochargers and becoming a Garrett Motion-recognized installer.



It is recommended that you have a notebook or a mobile phone with a good internet connection while watching the videos.

You must pass each level’s assigned test to be able to proceed to the next level.



Successful completion of the Installer Connect test is your last step in achieving certifications.

After each level, you’ll be able to check your knowledge by taking a quick test consisting of single choice questions. The online test can be accessed at any time after completing the training.

Upon passing the test, you will receive an Installer Connect certificate recognizing your achievement as well as a social badge designating your credentials that will be available in your account.

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