Two-Stage Parallel Turbochargers for Diesel Engines

In our Two-Stage parallel systems, two turbos work in sequence, delivering significant gains in power and torque in engines typically 2.0L or bigger.

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Balancing power & efficiency at every speed

Our Two-Stage parallel turbo for diesel engines was an industry first when we released it in 2006. Since then, it’s increasingly in-demand among auto manufacturers seeking enhanced performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions control. Our Two-Stage parallel turbos for diesel engines are available for engines with as much as 2.0L of displacement.

Two-Stage Parallel Turbos for Diesel Engines Benefits

Our Two-Stage parallel turbo for diesel engines offers superior performance within a compact design. Benefits include:

Improved vehicle acceleration, torque and power

compared with equivalent
diesel engines

Superior transient behavior

produces a longer
gear ratio strategy

Reduced fuel consumption

and raw emissions

Lowered a fter-treatment complexity and cost

Low thermal inertia

produces same catalyst light-off
speed as single turbos

Two-Stage Parallel Turbochargers for Diesel Engines
Key Features

In our Two-Stage parallel system, two turbos work in sequence to improve engine performance. Our high-temperature, high-durability turbine control valve is designed to ensure rapid transition between the different modes of turbo operation.

From ignition to 2400 rpm:

  • The primary turbo activates (vanes vary from fully closed to almost fully open)
  • The turbine valve and the compressor discharge valve remain closed
  • The compressor recirculation valve stays open

From 2400 rpm to 2800 rpm:

  • The secondary turbo activates (vanes close slightly during transition, then open again)
  • The turbine valve begins to open
  • The compressor discharge valve opens

Beyond 2800 rpm:

  • Both turbos are in full sequential mode (vanes are fully open)
  • The turbine valve stays open
  • The compressor discharge valve is open

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