Variable Geometry Turbos for Diesel Engines

Garrett’s variable geometry VNT technology has been matched to more than 70 million diesel engines in the last three decades. The turbo’s advanced design helps manufacturers boost car and light commercial vehicle engine performance, increasing fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, enhancing driveability and improving packaging flexibility.

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Improved Fuel Economy & Driveability in a downsized design

Engine performance and efficiency while reducing overall size

Engine Range

Our variable geometry turbos for diesel engines are available in a full range of sizes. Mono-turbo setups work best with 1.3L to 4.5L diesel engines in passenger cars.

Variable Geometry Turbos for Diesel Key Features

A variable geometry turbo for a diesel engine controls engine exhaust flow through the turbine wheel using a row of vanes. These vanes open and close to match the engine’s exact boost requirements.

At LOW SPEEDS, the vanes close, which:

  • Restricts exhaust airflow through the turbine
  • Increases turbine power
  • Increases boost pressure

At HIGH SPEEDS, the vanes open, which:

  • Maximizes exhaust gas flow
  • Avoids turbo over-speed
  • Maintains required boost pressure

Our PATENTED PRESSURE BALANCE directs exhaust gas to both sides of the vanes, which:

  • Prevents excess axle loading
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Improves Boost control

Improved Fuel Economy & Driveability in a downsized design

Diesel Benefits

Compared to fixed geometry turbos, our variable geometry turbos for diesel engines increase engine power and torque while reducing backpressure. This improves performance, engine control, drivability, and fuel efficiency without compromising power. Other benefits include:

Improved Acceleration

via enhanced transient response
and cleaner combustion

Reduced Emissions

by enabling exhaust gas
recirculation (EGR)

Variable Geometry Turbos for Diesel and Connected Vehicle Solutions

Our variable geometry turbocharger technology for diesel engines helps improve engine performance and efficiency across the spectrum. However, further enhancements can be realized using our connected vehicle solutions, including Integrated Vehicle Health Management and advanced powertrain control. We also offer cybersecurity software and a range of electronic boosting products.

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Garrett Motion Connected Vehicle

Ultra-Efficient Clean Diesel Platforms Can Benefit Greatly from Garrett’s Downsized, High-Temperature VNT Boosting Technology

Garrett’s sixth generation variable geometry turbo architecture (VNT) is helping auto manufacturers harness the performance potential of higher temperature diesel powertrains.

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Garrett Motion Showcased the Electric Turbocharger for the First Time at IAA 2019

The growing trends toward hybridization open up possibilities to transfer electric boosting technology from racetrack to road. Garrett is pioneering E-Turbo technology to deliver superior performance, fuel economy and emissions, by integrating state-of-the-art, ultra-high-speed electric motors and power electronics into its turbocharger product families.

Electrified Turbos (E-Turbos) show exciting potential and equal applicability in both light & commercial vehicles, in all fuels such as gasoline, diesel and natural gas (CNG).

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the Garrett E-Turbo Technology

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