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Garrett Motion

Our People

Looking for a team of passionate, imaginative, highly skilled professionals, that will make you feel anything is possible? Welcome to Garrett.


Garrett Motion

Our Culture

Life at Garrett means engaging, learning and innovating in a multicultural community, where every voice is heard, and each idea valued.

Garrett Motion

Our Impact

Garrett’s sustainability promise starts with our technology. For more than 65 years we’ve been helping the world’s major auto makers create cleaner, more efficient vehicles.

Thinking differently is in our nature

 At Garrett, we nurture a culture of innovation and we encourage all our people to push boundaries and make the future of mobility real.


Electrification Connected Vehicle Software IT ALL JOBS

Do you want to be part of the future?Join the team that writes the E-Turbo history. Learn more about our opportunities in electrification around the world.

Garrett’s electric and hybrid technologies help vehicle manufacturers worldwide to improve emissions and fuel economy, shaping a cleaner, safer and more efficient future of mobility. Our engineering organization is responsible for developing differentiating boosting solutions – both for our traditional turbocharger business and for new growth areas such as electrification, that enable manufacturers to set new benchmarks in vehicle performance and efficiency.

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Smarter cars are built now! Join our software development teams in areas like cybersecurity or diagnostic and prognostic solutions and help the largest auto makers in the world shape the mobility of tomorrow.

Garrett’s Connected Vehicle Software team invents and delivers new software solutions that help automakers safeguard their vehicles by detecting, reporting and preventing anomalies that might occur. From Automotive Cybersecurity, Diagnostic and Prognostic Solutions to Fleet Early Warning System, Garrett’s solutions unlock the full potential of automotive connectivity and deliver the promise of clean and reliable mobility.

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Looking for a super team to match your super powers? You landed on the right career page.

We are currently looking for people with super powers in Factory Digitization, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Platform Architectures to join our super teams around the world. Jump in for the ride of your career!

Garrett’s Information Technology organization  is harnessing the power of cloud, big data, analytics, Internet of Things, cybersecurity and design thinking to support organizational change and bring value to its stakeholders.

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Looking for other career opportunities?

At Garrett, we are always looking for new talented, courageous, and motivated colleagues, that strive to make a difference. We offer a variety of opportunities – from Engineering, and Integrated Supply Chain to Corporate Functions, and Business Management, you can find your place in Garrett no matter your experience level.
We believe you can do amazing things. If you believe the same, take a closer look now at what we have to offer.
Only you can set the pace for your career, but we will make sure you get all the support you need.


Be Well, Work Well

Garrett’s wellbeing vision is engrained in our work culture. Our Rewards Programs are rooted in our “Be well, work well” principle, and aim to support employees in achieving the right work-life balance.

Alongside compensation and benefits designed to appropriately recognize the experience and individual contribution of each employee, Garrett nurtures talent and helps people reach their potential with a generous offering of career and individual development opportunities.

what we offer

Competitive compensation

Locally driven benefits & perks

Performance Recognition

Open culture

Multi-cultural environment

Career Growth Opportunities

Work-life balance

Health & Safety as a priority

Diverse Global Community

Garrett’s diversity is the driving force behind our success.

With a global footprint of engineering centers, manufacturing facilities and research and development sites strategically located close to our customers, Garrett represents a diverse global community of professionals sharing the same fundamental values of integrity and respect.

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Start your career with us

Taking the first steps towards the career of your dreams can be challenging. We are here to help you find the right career path for you. Garrett’s Graduate and Internship Programs are tailored to answer your needs and help fulfill your potential.

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Local Garrett Career Web Sites

Korea Mexico Romania Slovakia China

Present for more than 30 years in Korea, Garrett has evolved its footprint to include test laboratories, manufacturing, aftermarket and engineering sites.

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Present in Mexicali for almost 35 years, Garrett Motion operates two state-of-the-art manufacturing sites, as well as a laboratory and a protoshop, offering local talent exciting career opportunities in a multicultural, performance-driven work environment.


Present in Romania for more than 20 years, Garrett’s career opportunities in Bucharest cover a broad range of fields going from engineering and software development to finance, procurement and integrated supply chain.

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Garrett Motion Integrated Supply Chain

The East Slovak plant is one of Garrett’s largest manufacturing facilities in the world and employs hundreds of people. Technological activities are focused on machining, mounting, balancing and measuring turbochargers and their parts.


Garrett technologies and innovations have been used by nearly every major global auto maker, resulting in approximately 100 million vehicles with our products and an average launch rate of 100 new applications annually spanning, gas, diesel, natural gas, electric and fuel cell powertrains.

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3-in-1 E-Axle for Electric Vehicles

The Garrett 3-in-1 E-Axle revolutionizes electric vehicle propulsion by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge E-motor, inverter (power electronics), and transmission technologies into a single, compact, and high-performance package….

zero-emission technology for vehicles

Technology for Zero-Emission Vehicles

Garrett’s growing suite of zero-emission products, encompassing the E-Cooling system, the 3-in-1 E-Axle, and the Fuel Cell E-Compressor, revolutionizes sustainable mobility by offering advanced, efficient,…

fuel cell compressor

Hydrogen fuel cell compressor for vehicles

Garrett’s high-pressure ratio electric compressors significantly increases the power density of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells while reducing compressor noise, allowing this clean energy…

What is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Air Compressor? Advancing Clean Energy Tech with Garrett’s Expertise

In the automotive industry’s quest for sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions, hydrogen fuel cells stand out as a promising alternative to traditional power sources. These…

Garrett corporate video 2024

Redefining zero-emission automotive technologies

Increasingly stringent CO2 emissions and the need to reduce dependency on fossil fuels are quickly creating demand for alternative sources of energy. Garrett Motion’s growing…

Garrett Motion Earns Innovation Award for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Compressor Technology in China

  Garrett’s newest generation hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) air compressor has won a prestigious innovation award at the 2023 International Automotive Technology Congress…

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