Who is Garrett

We are a differentiated technology leader, serving customers worldwide for more than 65 years. Our portfolio of turbocharging, electric boosting and automotive software solutions empower the transportation industry to redefine and further advance motion.

Welcome to Garrett – Advancing Motion.  October 1, 2018 marked our first day as an independent company following a successful spin-off from Honeywell.

This is a noteworthy milestone for our company which already celebrates more than six decades as an automotive pioneer, inventor and innovator. We have a robust and talented organization that contains world-class people, and we have established a strong position for providing cutting-edge technology that enables vehicles to become safer, more connected, efficient and environmentally friendly.

In leveraging our rich heritage Garrett has evolved into a new, dynamic and forward-thinking company. The Garrett name has been synonymous with advancing motion by revolutionizing turbocharger technology that has become foundational to modern internal combustion engines. Now, as an independent company, Garrett will aggressively pursue opportunities to provide electric boosting and automotive software solutions addressing global macro issues including more stringent fuel economy regulations and increased connectivity which are heavily driving future vehicle development.

Olivier Rabiller – President and CEO – Garrett – Advancing Motion

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Garrett Motion Year 1 Anniversary

On October 1, 2018 Garrett Motion was introduced to the world as a stand-alone company.

Leveraging 65 years of technology leadership, our teams across the world continue to research, develop and launch differentiated solutions that truly advance motion.

Thank you to our partners, customers, suppliers and, most of all, our Garrett employees for making this past year a memorable one! We’re looking forward to many more years of shaping the future of mobility together.

Garrett at a Glance

Serving Automotive Customers with Unique Competencies

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Garrett Brand

Garrett is one of the automotive industry’s most iconic brands. It’s a name synonymous with six decades of world-first innovation, responsible for ground-breaking turbocharging technologies that have changed the way we think about performance and driveability. From mainstream passenger vehicles to F1 racing cars; from delivery vans and haulage trucks to huge off-highway equipment… Garrett turbo technology has been the boost behind some of the most significant moments in automotive history. Through experience, talent and a mindset that challenges convention, the Garrett brand will continue to set the pace; to create the differentiated high-performance systems that deliver competitive advantage to our customers and help redefine the end user experience

Garrett Leadership Team


Cutting-Edge Technology Provider

Our culture of continuous innovation has inspired many of the auto industry’s most significant engineering developments in modern times. Garrett engineers have led the way in multiple breakthrough turbo architectures, including variable geometry turbines, ball-bearing, electrically actuated controls and air-bearing electric compressors for hydrogen fuel cells. Every year, Garrett introduces around 10 new technologies to the market. Our engineers are globally-deployed in five R&D centers and 13 close-to-customer engineering centers, ensuring that our partnerships with OEMs are collaborative, deep and value-adding. This culture of continuous innovation increasingly extends to connected vehicle systems, where we are leveraging our powertrain expertise to create cybersecurity and diagnostic and prognostic technologies ready for a shared and autonomous vehicle future.


Garrett Aftermarket

We also sell our technologies in the global aftermarket through our distribution network of more than 160 distributors covering more than 100 countries. Through this network, we provide approximately 5,300 product references to service garages across the globe. Our Garrett brand is a leading brand in the independent aftermarket for both service replacement turbochargers as well as high-end performance and racing turbochargers.

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