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Garrett Motion is one of the world’s leading pioneers of turbo technology, providing engine boosting systems to racers and enthusiasts world wide. You will find one of the largest ranges of racing and performance turbochargers and intercoolers from 1.4L – 12.0L engine displacements with a range of horsepower from 140 – 2850. Standard and reverse rotation turbo options for symmetrical fitments and a full line of intercooler cores.



Performance & Reliability

Key partner for some of the world’s most successful race teams, delivering tailored solutions with crossover appeal.

Garrett is a pioneer when it comes to the racing and performance industry. We are dedicated to engineering and manufacturing the safest, and highest performing turbochargers and accessories in the industry. For decades we have provided boosting solutions that have helped race teams win races, championships, and world records. In the 1969 Indianapolis 500, a Garrett TE06 boosted Lotus-Ford race car crossed the finish line in 1st place.

Our engineers have continued to to develop new products for racing enthusiasts that offer a broad range of boosting solutions for almost any gas engine. From 1.4L – 12.0L engines and 140 – 3000 horsepower. The Garrett GTX Gen II, and G-Series products lines offer the latest advancements in turbocharger technology.

Our wide range of intercooler cores and Powermax vehicle specific intercoolers provide superior thermal protection for today’s boosted engines. Bar and plate technology combined with high density offset fins help reduce more heat than original cores. This allows for increased heat saturation point and less engine derate.

Racing & Performance – Products

View our complete line of turbochargers, intercoolers, and accessories here.

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Where to Buy – Garrett Distributor Locator

Garrett – Advancing Motion selects only the best distributor partners on each continent to uphold the values associated with the Garrett brand. Wherever you are in the world, you’re never far from a Garrett turbo.

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Boosting to win

Boost Fraternity

We are here to help you become a great brand ambassador for us and for the entire motorsports industry wherever it ends up taking you.

Boost Adviser

Imagine the ability to match a turbo to your engine, right from the palm of your hand Garrett® Boost Adviser is a tool developed to perform a turbo match quickly and easily. Enter a few parameters for your engine and your horsepower goal and in a matter of seconds, the Garrett® Boost Adviser will provide you with the turbochargers that closely meet your inputs. It also guides you to the nearest distributors available to buy the matched turbo. You could even email the results to yourself for review or share them on your Facebook page. See more on how to calculate how to size a turbo.

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Garrett Turbo is the world’s leading manufacturer of Turbochargers and Turbo Technologies.  We started GarrettGear so you can proudly wear the Garrett Turbo brand name while promoting Boosting Culture, because everything is more fun with MORE BOOST.

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How to Choose a Turbo

In many respects, a racing turbo is closer to aerospace than conventional automotive engineering. While exact design will depend on race rules and vehicle design, the turbo is much lighter than its commercial counterpart.

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