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Commercial Vehicle Turbochargers

Garrett is the Commercial Vehicle Partner of Choice by driving customized Technology Solutions that provide end-customer value through superior Reliability, Performance, and Fuel Efficiency.

Enhancing fuel efficiency, durability and performance

Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine

Garrett’s expertise and innovative technologies enable OEMs to leverage the zero-emissions fuel benefits of hydrogen on a turbocharged internal combustion engine.

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DAVNT – Double Axle VNT Turbochargers

Garrett Latest generation of Variable Geometry Turbo DAVNT (Double Axle VNT) offers robust and high performance-boosting solutions enabling fuel efficiency improvement, emission reduction and further enhanced engine braking capabilities.

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Wastegate/Free Floating Turbochargers

Garrett wastegate and free-floating turbochargers provide powertrain boosting for a wide range of on-and-off-highway commercial applications – from light vehicles and medium and heavy-duty trucks to mining equipment, generator sets, locomotives, marine applications and more.

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Two-Stage Turbochargers

For ultimate Boost pressure requirements, Garrett develops tailored solutions with two-stage turbo system using optimized aerodynamic solutions.

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