Maximum Performance


Select GTX turbochargers come standard with a fully machined speed sensor port

Speed Sensor

Speed Sensor Street Kit: GT/GTX Models Part Number: 781328-0001
Speed Sensor Pro: GT/GTX Models Part Number: 781328-0002
Speed Sensor Street Kit: G Series Models Part Number: 78138-0003
Speed Sensor Pro: G Series Models Part Number: 781328-0004

Select GTX turbochargers come standard with a fully machined speed sensor port. Just remove the bolt and screw in the appropriate kit for your applicaiton. GT/GTX speed sensor kit not applicable with G Series turbochargers.

The Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor works with any turbocharger to accurately determine compressor wheel speed. The instructions include detailed drawings of the exact machining specifications for all Garrett® GT catalog turbochargers as well as general guidelines for other compressor housing types. The Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit includes all necessary wiring for easy installation and simple data logging.

Maximum Performance

Comparing boost levels and shaft speed on a compressor map, you can determine the ideal operating conditions to insure peak power over a wider operating range. All Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kits are compatible with datalogers to enhance engine tuning capability. In addition, the Garrett®-branded gauge’s maximum speed recall function will retain the highest wheel speed for five minutes for easy mapping.

The data gained from the Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit can be used to closely estimate the engine’s flow behavior without a flow bench. Flow information is invaluable for determining if the turbocharger is reaching its maximum performance, for validating the turbo match, and for insuring that it is not over-speeding, allowing you to avoid potentially damaging operating conditions.

This kit could even be used in conjunction with an aftermarket ECU to limit compressor speed. The Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit will help you be sure you’ve got the correct turbo for your needs!

Boost Gauge

Boost Gauge PSI Part Number: 773326-0001
Boost Gauge BAR Part Number: 773326-0002

The Garrett Mechanical Boost Gauge is the perfect addition to your interior for the important job of accurately monitoring your boost levels. The gauge has a sleek design and features a black face, white backlit numbers and a brushed aluminum ring. The gauge monitors boost from 30 Hg of vacuum to 30 psi of boost. Gauge kit comes with vacuum line, hardware, mounting brace and installation instructions.

Adjustable Wastegate Bracket

Part Number: 773151-0002

The Garrett Adjustable Wastegate Bracket allows for a significantly greater range of motion to set up the compressor outlet and wastegate can. This provides easier fitment in tight engine bays by giving you the ability to make smaller adjustments to compressor housing clocking than would be possible through the standard bolt adjustments which adjust the compressor outlet at 60* increments on GT25R and GT28R turbochargers. The bracket also allows for redirection of the actuator to keep vacuum lines away from heat or sharp edges. The adjustable actuator bracket is available for use on GT25R, GT28R and GT30R turbochargers.

Turbine Inlet Divided V-Band Adapter

Part Number: 813444-0001

Accessory KitsAccessory PN
Boost Gauge PSI773326-0001
Boost Gauge BAR773326-0002
Speed Sensor Street Kit: G Series Models781328-0003
Speed Sensor Pro: G Series Models781328-0004
Speed Sensor Street Kit GT/GTX Models781328-0001
Speed Sensor Pro GT/GTX Models781328-0002
3.0″ Turbine V-Band Flange Adapter GT/GTX 30-35774175-0001
Turbine Inlet Div V-Band Flange Adapter813444-0001
Adjustable Actuator Bracket GT25, GT28, GT30773151-0002
Heat Shield Kit Turbine Hsg GT28/28785928-0001
Actuators Assembly:Actuator PNModels
NOT INCLUDED: Rod End, jam nut, bracket, heat shield
Actuator, Adj (1.0 bar)480009-0006GT25
Actuator, Adj (0.5 bar)480009-0009GT25
Actuator, Adj (1.5 bar)480009-0010GT25
Actuators Assembly Kit:Actuator PNModels
COMPLETE with actuator, bracket, rod End, jam nut, heat shield
Actuator Kit (T25)700187-0001T25
Actuator Kit, Adj (12.0 PSI)759498-0004GT35R
Actuator Kit, Adj (16.7 PSI)759498-0007GT25
G Series Standard Turbo 1.0 Bar759498-0008G Series
G Series Standard Turbo 1.5 Bar759498-0010G Series
G Series Reverse Turbo 1.0 Bar759498-0011G Series
G Series Reverse Turbo 1.5 Bar759498-0013G Series
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Garrett Turbocharger Speed Sensor Installation InstructionsClick HereClick Here
Garrett Turbocharger Machining Drawings (Print to 11 x 17 paper)Click HereClick Here