Connected Vehicle

Garrett – Advancing Motion delivers the promise of clean and reliable mobility solutions. We help OEMs safeguard vehicle integrity at all times by detecting, reporting and preventing anomalies that might occur.

We deliver Automotive Cybersecurity, OEM Diagnostic and Prognostic, and Fleet Early Warning System to our OEM customers and fleet operators, to unlock the full potential of automotive connectivity.

Security & Integrity in a Connected World

  • Automotive Cybersecurity
  • OEM DIAGNOSTIC & Prognostic
  • Fleet Early Warning System

Safeguarding connected and autonomous vehicle integrity

Garrett – Advancing Motion drives future automotive software innovations, helping OEMs optimize and expand their offerings by providing safety and vehicle integrity to their end-customers.

With more than 60 years as an automotive tier 1, our approach is answering to the automotive product development process, productivity requirements, and agility needs.