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Vehicle Cybersecurity Solutions

Garrett IDS provides highly accurate anomalies detection for CAN and Ethernet networks combined with advanced analytics cloud-based tools allowing OEMs to monitor entire fleets.

Become Cyber-Secure with Garrett

A vehicle fleet cyber-attack can cost billions in recalls, damaged stock price, loss of customer loyalty and confidence. Implementing an efficient cybersecurity solution is one of the auto industry’s most critical challenges, and the threat is growing – by 2025 majority of sold vehicles will be connected. This exponential rise in-vehicle connectivity grows the amount of cyber-attack surfaces, making them more attractive targets to hackers.

Garrett Motion’s cyber security offerings help car manufacturers to secure their vehicles and meet UNCE R155 regulations.

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Make your fleet CYBER-safe with Garrett

From concept to reality, developed and tested entirely in-house by world-class engineering and cyber experts, Garrett connected vehicle solutions help you to:

  • Safeguard connected vehicle integrity,
  • Prevent attacks to occur,
  • Ensure regulation compliance,
  • Cope with onboard resource constraints,
  • Identify attack root causes.

Pioneering cyber technology to safeguard your vehicle’s performance and integrity.

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Problems We Address

Prevent attacks & Fulfill regulations

Help secure fleets from cyber threats while meeting UN R155 detection and monitoring requirements


Low on-board processing power needs, small footprint, and hardware/chip-agnostic


Off-board forensic tool to understand root cause and ensure fast remediation on the fleet


Identify new patterns to stay ahead of the evolving cyber landscape

How Cyber-Secure is Your Fleet?

How Our Solution Works

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1. Garrett Intrusion Detection System

Our Garrett Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is hardware agnostic. It reads all traffic on CAN, CAN FD or Ethernet vehicle buses and flags any anomalies and malicious messages. Ranked among best-in-class solutions in detection rate, false-positive level, and onboard CPU usage. It can fit on any legacy ECU or upcoming generations and is simple to maintain during a lifetime with its off-board calibration tool.

Garrett IDS Functions

  • 50+ advanced algorithms, multi-network detection
  • Independent of system hardware and operating system, easy to integrate
  • Full lifecycle security management and related configuration tools
  • Suitable for CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet and high-performance automotive controllers
  • SOA (Software Oriented Architecture) Service Anomaly Monitoring and Control

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2. Security Operations Center and Security Incidents and Events Management

Our solution provides analytic and forensic tools for the Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Incidents and Events Management (SIEM) to understand the root cause of an on-board alert, saving time and money for OEMs and fleet operators.

Garrett SOC SIEM Functions

  • Log reading, parsing, correlation
  • Identify severity levels, prioritization, incident escalation
  • Abnormal vehicle signal cause-analysis module
  • Rule-based is the mainstay, supplemented by machine learning

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