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What’s Happening at Garrett – Advancing Motion

avril 5, 2022

This Garrett Turbo 700-HP Show-Stopping Ford F-100 Was Built as a Sentimental Tribute Truck

Jake Smith transformed his late uncle’s 1953 Ford F-100 into the ultimate showstopper with 700-horsepower from a Garrett G42.

avril 5, 2022

Garrett Boost Gone Wild: Haltech’s Quad Turbo V12 LS is the Ultimate LS Engine

Haltech creates the ultimate Chevy LS engine with a V12 configuration and four Garrett GTX3582R ball bearing turbochargers.

avril 4, 2022

Gray’s Racing’s “2NASTI” 2,000+ HP 1969 Chevy Camaro Gets it Done with a 102mm Garrett Turbo

Making 2,000+ horsepower with its single 102mm Garrett turbo, Gray’s Racing’s “2NASTI” 1969 Camaro dominates the drag strip.

avril 4, 2022

Eric Kenward’s 2,000+ HP “Wheelie Wagon” Garrett Turbo ’79 Chevy Malibu Wagon Drag Car

Eric Kenward’s 2,000+ horsepower Chevy Malibu drag car is known as the “Wheelie Wagon” and is boosted by Garrett turbo power.

mars 23, 2022

“LTRex” Chevy-Powered Ford Mustang Finds Plenty of Medium Prep Success with Haltech and Garrett Turbo

With a Garrett turbocharged Chevy LT1 engine under its hood, this Haltech-controlled Mustang dominates medium prep drag racing.

mars 19, 2022

Daigo Saito’s 1,000+ Horsepower Garrett Turbocharged Yaris Drift Monster

A 2JZ engine and Garrett turbo amp up Daigo Saito’s Toyota Yaris from its factory form to a 1,000-horsepower drift machine.

mars 19, 2022

Garrett Turbo Helps Bruno Massel Win NHRA Comp Championship with His 2JZ-Powered Cobalt

With Garrett turbochargers boosting his Toyota 2JZ engine, Bruno Massel earned an NHRA Comp championship in his Chevy Cobalt.

mars 18, 2022

“Valley Fever” Land Speed Streamliner Goes 300+ MPH with Garrett Turbocharged 2JZ Engine

Running at over 300 mph on the salt flats, the “Valley Fever” uses a Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine and single Garrett turbo.

mars 18, 2022

Bulgarian-Built and Boosted 4-Cylinder AWD Audi S3 Drag Car Makes 1,250+ HP with Garrett

Built by Bulgaria’s Georgi Georgiev, this 4-cylinder AWD 2000 Audi S3 drag car makes 1,250+ horsepower with a G42-1450 Garrett turbo.

mars 18, 2022

This 1966 Nova’s 2,300+ Horsepower Is Made Possible by ACE Racing and Garrett Turbo

This Nova’s 2,300+ HP of Street Legal Power Made Possible by ACE Racing and Garrett Turbo

Gallagher Names Garrett as a Best-in-Class Employer in the U.S.
mars 17, 2022

Gallagher Names Garrett as a Best-in-Class Employer in the U.S.

Garrett was recently named by Gallagher as a Best-in-Class Employer for 2021 in the U.S. for its strong efforts to continuously improve employee and organizational…

mars 4, 2022

Garrett-Boosted Weichai Engine Achieves Another World Record in Commercial Vehicle Efficiency

Records are there to be broken! Just 18 months after China-based automaker Weichai Group launched the world’s first commercial vehicle diesel engine achieving brake thermal…

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