Our Automotive Diagnostic and Prognostic Solutions help manufacturers lower their development and warranty costs

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Garrett Vehicle Health Management

Our diagnostic and prognostic systems help keep vehicles on the road by predicting and preventing failures. Garrett Motion’s Health Indicators continuously collect, combine and analyze multiple data inputs to monitor real-time vehicle health status. The result is actionable information before any warning light appears.

With our advanced and effective diagnostics, technicians know exactly the repair that’s needed before the vehicle arrives at the garage, meaning they can be standing by with the right parts, saving time and money.

At the same time, our Prognostic Health Indicators can create timely and cost-effective service routines to optimize fleet efficiency. These diagnostic and prognostic solutions drive value across the auto industry, predicting and preventing failures, optimizing service execution, and positively impacting areas like engineering, aftermarket, parts inventory, and planning to help you stay ahead of the game for current and future generations of cars.

Diagnostics and Prognostics Features

On-board analytics

based on physics and data driven models

Off-board analytics including Guided Diagnostics

for development engineers and service bay technicians

Flexible and Modular Tools

that can be used on any platform, vehicle, component and hardware

Diagnostics and Prognostics Key Benefits

  • Improve trouble shooting process in development & serviceAvoid "No Trouble Found" and warranty costs
  • Increase uptimeSystem and prognosis-based maintenance to better understand real-time health
  • Lower cost of ownershipReduce unnecessary and unscheduled maintenance
  • Unlock new revenue streamsSafeguard autonomous system performance at all times

Controls Features

Physics and Data Driven Models

to generate health indicators throughout the vehicle

Advanced Control Techniques

to implement on-board mitigation action

Calibration Tools

that help provide the right data when you need it

Support Integration

on all production ECUs

Flexible and Modular Tools

that can be used on any vehicle

Controls (OnRAMP) Key Benefits

  • Increase salesEnhanced vehicle behavior, performance and safety
  • Reduce engineering costsImproved tuning time, validation and control time
  • Reduce material costsReplacing physical components with virtual components

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