6月 8, 2022

G45 Dyno Results On A 2JZ Powered RX7 FD

This is a really unique build we are excited to be partnered with in an effort to share the performance of the new Garrett G45-1500 turbocharger. On 48LBS of boost, the car made 1091 wheel horsepower!  

6月 8, 2022

What Are The Differences Between The G45 And The GTX45?

Have you ever wondered what the major differences between turbos are? In this video, drifter Shane Whalley talks through the differences between the G45 and the GTX45 turbochargers. Shane has been a Garrett sponsored ambassador for many years and has used a wide range of Garrett turbochargers. Take it from us, he knows what he is talking about, so click the link and watch the video below. 

5月 26, 2022

Hoonigan’s Hoonipigasus Pike’s Peak Race Car

Ken Block teamed up with Mobil 1 Racing AND BBi Autosport to build this absolutely INSANE 1400hp 4.0L twin turbo flat-six engine

5月 25, 2022

Mike Jovanis Wins NMRA True Street Class Over 130 Car Field

Consistency is key in NMRA True Street Racing”, says Jovanis, “from the GTX5533R Gen II 88mm turbo, to the Disomma Racing Engine

4月 25, 2022

Garrett Motion Releases New External Wastegate Product Line

Through the Garrett Performance network you can get turbos to create the boost, intercoolers to cool the boost, and external wastegates to control the boost. 

4月 13, 2022

ZWING’s Beater E30 BMW is Reborn as a Stunning Show Car with Garrett Turbocharged S52 Power

Zach Wingfield rebuilt his beater E30 BMW 325i as a stunning SEMA Show car with an S52 swap and potent Garrett GTX3582 turbo.

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