Racing & Performance

Hoonigan’s Hoonipigasus Pike’s Peak Race Car

Ken Block teamed up with Mobil 1 Racing AND BBi Autosport to build this absolutely INSANE 1400hp 4.0L twin turbo flat-six engine

Mike Jovanis Wins NMRA True Street Class Over 130 Car Field

Consistency is key in NMRA True Street Racing”, says Jovanis, “from the GTX5533R Gen II 88mm turbo, to the Disomma Racing Engine

Garrett Motion Releases New External Wastegate Product Line

Through the Garrett Performance network you can get turbos to create the boost, intercoolers to cool the boost, and external wastegates to control the boost. 

ZWING’s Beater E30 BMW is Reborn as a Stunning Show Car with Garrett Turbocharged S52 Power

Zach Wingfield rebuilt his beater E30 BMW 325i as a stunning SEMA Show car with an S52 swap and potent Garrett GTX3582 turbo.

The Skid Factory Builds One Bad Barra-Powered and Garrett-Boosted 1,100+ HP 7-Seater Sleeper Bedford Van

By Ainsley Jacobs Australia’s Skid Factory built a badass Barra-powered and Garrett-boosted 7-seater sleeper Bedford van with 1,100-horsepower. Australian ingenuity knows no limits. When The…

Vivid Racing’s 2020 Ford Raptor Gets a Garrett Turbo & Intercooler Upgrade for Lots More Power

By Ainsley Jacobs Vivid Racing enhanced the EcoBoost engine in the 2020 Ford F150 Raptor with a Garrett PowerMax turbo and intercooler upgrade. The 2020…

First Impressions of Big Boost from TJ Hunt’s Garrett Turbocharged A90 Toyota Supra

By Ainsley Jacobs Capable of supporting 770 horsepower, TJ Hunt bolts on a big single Garrett G30-770 turbocharger to his new A90 Toyota Supra. The…

TJ Hunt’s ZC6 Subaru BRZ Gets a Big Garrett Turbo

TJ Hunt went from a supercharger setup to a Garrett GTX3071R turbocharger on his ZC6 Subaru BRZ to meet his power needs.

YouTube’s TJ Hunt Built a 500+ HP Garrett Turbocharged and 2JZ-Powered Nissan 350Z Drift Machine

A Garrett turbocharged Toyota 2JZ engine powers this tire-shredding 2006 Nissan 350Z drift car, built by YouTube’s TJ Hunt.