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Garrett Appoints GICO as New Master Distributor in Turkey

With a family business history reaching back to 1949, “İkiler Automotive and Spare Parts” and “GASPA Automotive Equipment and LPG Conversion Systems” have united under…

The Sydney Jamboree, Presented by Tuners Edge & Link ECU


Unfortunately, due to the current weather predictions for this weekend, we have made the decision to RESCHEDULE the 2021 Garrett Sydney Jamboree to Saturday MAY 22ND.
The Thursday/Friday testing days are also RESCHEDULED and will be run prior to the event on May 20 & May 21.

Introducing Garrett Connect – The Expert App for Turbo Heroes

    A new Aftermarket app launched by Garrett Motion is placing expert turbo diagnostics and turbo replacement support at the fingertips of garage mechanics,…

Mark Micke Wins Pro 275 Title At 2021 US Street Nationals

The new G57 turbine wheel allows for 28% more exhaust flow compared to the GTX55. Increased exhaust flow will lower back pressure and and ultimately improve the overall efficiency of the turbo system, including the engine. Just one of the parts to their successful weekend. Micke says, “the new G57 turbochargers accelerate very linearly, allowing for better response to CO2 on the wastegates, it makes what you want it to make.”

Diving into the Distinctions Between Turbo Types

Turbochargers, like other mechanical devices like engines, have a technical history where subsequent innovations developed into new technical iterations, or types, built upon the previous…

Bruno Massel: NHRA 101 Turbos In Drag Racing

Bruno Massel has one of the most unique cars in NHRA Comp Eliminator. See more about the 1400 horsepower, 2JZ, twin Garrett G30-770 race car.

Record Setting Racer Feras Qartoumy Puts Garrett Mirrored Turbos To The Test

This is a story of how one turbo offered as a prize became the tipping point for an engine overhaul that helped Feras Qartoumy’s C6…

Jackie Ding’s 615WHP Time Attack A90 Toyota Supra

Jackie Ding uses AMS Performance’s A90 Supra turbo kit to make 615 whp and 550 ft-lb of torque on a single Garrett GTX3076R Gen II turbo

Andy Gray Wins Formula Drift Japan Round 3 At Ebusu Circuit

Andy Gray wins Formula Drift Round 3 at Ebisu Circuit in Japan. The Lexus RC features a 3.6L 2JZ VVTi engine with a GTX4294R turbo.