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Diving into the Distinctions Between Turbo Types

Turbochargers, like other mechanical devices like engines, have a technical history where subsequent innovations developed into new technical iterations, or types, built upon the previous…

Bruno Massel: NHRA 101 Turbos In Drag Racing

Bruno Massel has one of the most unique cars in NHRA Comp Eliminator. See more about the 1400 horsepower, 2JZ, twin Garrett G30-770 race car.

Record Setting Racer Feras Qartoumy Puts Garrett Mirrored Turbos To The Test

This is a story of how one turbo offered as a prize became the tipping point for an engine overhaul that helped Feras Qartoumy’s C6…

Jackie Ding’s 615WHP Time Attack A90 Toyota Supra

Jackie Ding uses AMS Performance’s A90 Supra turbo kit to make 615 whp and 550 ft-lb of torque on a single Garrett GTX3076R Gen II turbo

Andy Gray Wins Formula Drift Japan Round 3 At Ebusu Circuit

Andy Gray wins Formula Drift Round 3 at Ebisu Circuit in Japan. The Lexus RC features a 3.6L 2JZ VVTi engine with a GTX4294R turbo.

21 Consecutive Years and Counting: Garrett Tech Boosts 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans Victors

While this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans looked a little different with no fans in attendance due to COVID-19 precautions, one thing remained consistent…

A Turn Ahead of the Competition: How Motorsport Drives Innovation from Racetracks to City Streets

Motorsport has been a critical incubator for many of the cutting-edge developments and innovations the Garrett brand has brought to the industry during its more…

Wiborg Engineering: Unlimited Evo 6

Wiborg Engineering is setting new track lap records at Mantorp Park with their GTX3584RS turbocharged 4G63 Unlimited Mitsubishi Evo 6

Steve Matusek Recounts NHRA Pro Mod Crash

Steve Matusek, President of Aeromotive and Driver of the 5450 NHRA Pro Mod went for a wild ride at the US Nationals. Listen as Steve recounts the incident and how calm he remained even after the car came to a complete stop.