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Intercooler Sizing And End Tank Design With Rob Dahm

Rob Dahm rethinks, redesigns, and retests his current intercooler and end tanks to unlock more horsepower on his 4 rotor RX7. Using CFD analysis, he identifies where the current setup has restrictions that are causing pressure drop and robbing Rob’s 4 Rotor of horsepower

Mark Micke Gets First Win Of 2020 Season In 4000 Horsepower Malibu

Mark Micke gets the win at the 2020 PDRA Pro Street Race at GALOT Motorsports Park in 4000 horsepower 1978 Malibu on GTX5533R turbochargers

Turbo Tech: Compound Turbo Systems

Compound turbo systems use different size turbos and operate in series where the first turbo feeds the second turbo boosted air and the effect is compounded

Diesel Tuning Tips From High Performance Academy

Ever wondered what’s different about tuning diesel engines? The team at HP Academy cover some of the basics in this diesel turbo tech writeup

How To Select A Turbo Part 2: Calculations

Turbo any engine once you apply these calculations. Find the compressor that matches your inputs and you are on your way to turbocharging any engine

Paul Gargus: First 3 Second Pass In Limited Drag Radial Racing With Garrett Turbos

Photography Courtesy of Steve Baur and Paul Gargus: Story by Ainsley Jacobs Even though drag racing is (mostly) shut down at the moment, Alabama-based racer…

Behind the Wheel & Under the Hood: Q&A with Professional Racer Chris Jeanneret

At Garrett Motion we’re always driving forward to challenge the status quo, from championing new technologies, to pushing boundaries, to taking risks and overcoming obstacles….

Under Construction: Cody Miles 1JZ Powered S13

Cody Miles is no stranger to speed and has a natural talent for racing. He has focused most of his efforts on driving his 2007…

Zeroy: 837 Horsepower Twin Turbocharged 370Z

What do you get when you combine Adam LZ, with twin turbos, and a 370Z with a VQ engine? A flame shooting, tire burning, high…

Adam LZ: 480 horsepower Frappuccino Themed S13

  We all have our first car or know what our first car will be and all the things we want to do to it…

Turbo Tech: Crank Vs Wheel Horsepower And Why It Matters For Your Turbo

Turbochargers are rated for crank horsepower and this article will explain why. A common question and little known fact about turbochargers and horsepower ratings has…

8theV8: Meet The 979 WHP Audi TT RS Coupe

When you make a statement like 8theV8 you better be ready to back it up and this Audi TT RS coupe does just that. This…