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Wiborg Engineering Wins Overall At King Of Mantorp

Wiborg Engineering Race recap – The Kings of Mantorp on 3 cylinders! Congratulations to the Wiborg Engineering team on their overall victory at the King…

Pump Gas Vs E85: Tunable Performance For Your Turbo

Same car, same engine, same tuner, and same turbo combination (GTX2867R Gen II) and how E85 vs Pump Gas impact performance

Rob Dahm’s Rotary Corvette Hits The Dyno

Not only is the 13B 2-rotor powered Corvette running and ready to hit the dyno to tune the GTX3584RS, Rob Dahm himself will be doing the tuning!

G Series Turbo Technology Analysis: Motive Video

The G Series turbocharger lineup launched in 2018 with the G25-550 and G25-660 offerings, and in two years has grown to a nearly full product lineup that offers a 1500 horsepower range out of a mid-sized turbocharger. The G25, G30, G35, and G42 turbos are engineered to provide high flowing, high efficiency boost to engines up to 7.0L

Garrett Performance Intercooler Test: 2016+ Honda Civic Si

MotoIQ tests the new Garrett drop-in performance intercooler for the 2016+ Honda Civic Si. 17HP and 14 lb-ft of torque gained over stock when tested in a wind tunnel dyno, all from a drop-in unit.

Ryan Tuerck’s Toyota 86 Makes 1000WHP On G42-1200C Turbo

Ryan Tuerck’s Toyota 86 uses a 3.0L 2JZ engine boosted by a Garrett G42-1200C, a combination that made just over 1000 horsepower to the wheels on 30PSI