The Latest on What’s Happening at Garrett – Advancing Motion.



4月 25, 2022

Garrett Motion Releases New External Wastegate Product Line

Through the Garrett Performance network you can get turbos to create the boost, intercoolers to cool the boost, and external wastegates to control the boost. 

4月 13, 2022

ZWING’s Beater E30 BMW is Reborn as a Stunning Show Car with Garrett Turbocharged S52 Power

Zach Wingfield rebuilt his beater E30 BMW 325i as a stunning SEMA Show car with an S52 swap and potent Garrett GTX3582 turbo.

4月 13, 2022

TJ Hunt’s ZC6 Subaru BRZ Gets a Big Garrett Turbo

TJ Hunt went from a supercharger setup to a Garrett GTX3071R turbocharger on his ZC6 Subaru BRZ to meet his power needs.

4月 13, 2022

YouTube’s TJ Hunt Built a 500+ HP Garrett Turbocharged and 2JZ-Powered Nissan 350Z Drift Machine

A Garrett turbocharged Toyota 2JZ engine powers this tire-shredding 2006 Nissan 350Z drift car, built by YouTube’s TJ Hunt.

4月 13, 2022

The StanceWorks Honda K24-Swapped Ferrari 308 GTB Gets 1,000+ HP with a Garrett Turbo

StanceWorks brought this vintage 1981 Ferrari 308 GTBi into the modern era with a Honda K24 engine and massive Garrett turbo.

4月 13, 2022

This Incredible Diesel Streamliner Goes 300+ MPH with Garrett Turbo Power and Salty Box Racing Ingenuity

Salty Box Racing’s incredible diesel-powered Streamliner runs 300+ mph on the salt flats with a compound Garrett turbo setup.

4月 13, 2022

Salty Box Racing’s Garrett Turbocharged 1,200+ HP Dodge Ram 2500 “Sooty” Sets 230+mph Salt Flat Records

Salty Box Racing’s Garrett turbo Dodge Ram 2500 “Sooty” makes 1,200+ hp and sets records on the salt flats at 230+ mph.

4月 13, 2022

RS Future’s K20-Powered and Garrett Turbocharged Time Attack Acura NSX Makes 500+ Horsepower

Built to dominate in time attack racing, RS Future’s killer Acura NSX is powered by a Garrett turbocharged Honda K20 engine.