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What’s Happening at Garrett – Advancing Motion

janvier 15, 2020

2020 Garrett India Master Distributors Conference

Garrett Motion Technologies, India recently held its 2020 IAM Distributor Conference for all the independent aftermarket distributors across India, Nepal & Sri Lanka at Hotel…

janvier 7, 2020

Garrett’s Variable Geometry Technology (VNT) Leading the Global Gasoline Powertrain Landscape Transformation

Today, automakers are focused on the low carbon benefits of electrification, hybridization and optimizing gasoline powertrain efficiency in order to meet ever-more stringent global emissions…

décembre 23, 2019

Ultra-Efficient Clean Diesel Platforms Can Benefit Greatly from Garrett’s Downsized, High-Temperature VNT Boosting Technology

Garrett’s sixth generation variable geometry turbo architecture (VNT) is helping auto manufacturers harness the performance potential of higher temperature diesel powertrains. As OEMs seek ways…

décembre 19, 2019

CAN Bit-Stomping attack Prevention – Garrett Motion at DefCamp 2019 

CAN Bit-Stomping attack Prevention Preventing a potential attack on an automotive internal communication network (example: CAN – Controller Area Network) can be a challenging and…

décembre 11, 2019

Garrett Children Learn About Parents’ Careers, Turbos & More During ‘Kids Day’ Educational Event at Swiss HQ

Cultivating a passion for careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) starts at home. But hearing about your parents’ jobs at the dinner table only…

décembre 10, 2019

Boosting into the ‘20s: Season’s Greetings from the Garrett Motion Team!

At the dawn of a new decade, Garrett Motion is more committed than ever to continue enabling cleaner, safer and more enjoyable mobility through cutting-edge…

décembre 5, 2019

Garrett Motion’s Waterford, Ireland Team Provides Career Insights, Tech Tour & More to Local Female Students

Fostering diverse talent within the communities Garrett operates is an important mission, and the team in Waterford, Ireland is doing their part to promote education…

décembre 4, 2019

Harut Stepanyan Discusses The Features Of The New Garrett G35 Turbochargers

Senior Application Engineer, Harut Stepanyan discusses the latest in Garrett performance turbo technology featuring the new G Series product lineup. G Series is the latest…

décembre 4, 2019

Replace Heat With Horsepower: Performance Intercooler For BMW M3 M4

Garrett Powermax™ direct fit performance charge air cooler for the 2015+ BMW M3 and M4 is engineered with a 47% larger core than stock. The…

décembre 4, 2019

Visit Garrett Advancing Motion At The Performance Racing Industry Tradeshow Dec 12-14 2019

Visit the Garrett Advancing Motion performance team in booth 2953 at the PRI tradeshow December 12-14, 2019. The PRI tradeshow is located at the Indianapolis,…

décembre 2, 2019

Garrett Showcases Career Opportunities for Female Professionals at 2019 Society of Women Engineers Conference in California

Members of the Garrett Motion engineering and HR teams attended the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) WE19 conference in November to highlight the company’s career…

décembre 2, 2019

Garrett Motion Korea host “Tech-day event” for local customer

The Garret Motion Korea Aftermarket team held technical training for Korean customers. The training was held at Diesel service Korea, one of the distributors in…

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