Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Technology

Garrett’s high pressure ratio Two Stage electric compressor significantly increases the power density of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells while reducing compressor noise, allowing this clean energy technology to be applied to modern passenger vehicles.

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Increased power & efficiency in a quiet, compact design

Our efficient, powerful and lightweight compressor fuses leading-edge aerospace and automotive technologies to boost next generation fuel cells and promoting adoption of zero emission vehicles.

Our Two Stage Electric Compressor for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Garrett’s Two Stage compressor enables automakers to optimize electric powertrain potential by boosting hydrogen fuel cell stacks to higher pressures and flows within a downsized package that fits inside regular vehicles. Advanced bearing and electrical system designs increase performance, reduce size, weight, and noise, and help make the vision of zero emissions vehicles a reality.

Two Stage Electric Compressor for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Key Features

Garrett’s design innovations have helped reduce the size of hydrogen fuel cell stacks by 40 percent over predecessor systems, simultaneously generating significant gains in constant power ratings. Our Two Stage compressor can operate up to 20kW continuously and supply air at over 4 bar, helping to increase in stack power density. Proprietary air foil bearings result in a dramatic reduction in compressor noise, and run without oil, eliminating the risk of fuel cell stack contamination.

Increased power & efficiency in a compact design

Two Stage Electric Compressor for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Benefits

Our Two Stage electric compressor boosts fuel cell stacks to higher pressures and flows, significantly improving efficiency and power density and enabling downsized packaging to fit and drive the electric powertrains of regular-sized vehicles. The result is improved driving performance – and a major step on the pathway to a zero emissions future.

Lightweight, compact packaging

Powerful, high efficiency motor and aerodynamics

for maximum system efficiency

Elimination of oil contamination failures

Reduced Noise

Two Stage Electric Compressor for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Connected Vehicle Solutions

Garrett’s future-focus extends beyond turbo and compressor innovations into solutions ready to address the challenges of a connected future. Our engineers are collaborating with automakers across cybersecurity and integrated vehicle health management landscapes, driving the development of end-to-end platforms central to a connected, shared, autonomous and secure future.

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