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High Power E-Cooling Compressor for EV Thermal Management

Unlock the full potential of electric vehicles: Enhanced performance and vehicle safety with advanced thermal management solutions.

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No More Compromise for Efficient Electric Vehicle Performance

Garrett’s E-Cooling compressor for EV thermal management is designed to regulate and maintain optimal temperatures in various components of an electric vehicle (EV), but also provide desired cabin comfort. The E-Cooling system actively manages heat generated during different driving conditions, including charging, acceleration, and sustained high-speed driving. The primary goal is to prevent overheating and excessive cooling, as both can negatively impact the performance and lifespan of EV components.

Garrett's E-Cooling Compressor Features

Overcoming these challenges, Garrett is committed to enhancing the overall electric vehicle’s performance and efficiency.

Battery Temperature Management

Balancing the temperature within an acceptable range is critical but can be complex due to varying environmental conditions and different battery chemistries

Vehicle Energy Efficiency

Optimizing the energy efficiency of the TMS while still maintaining adequate thermal control is a significant challenge for manufacturers


Ensuring effective thermal management during fast charging while maintaining system reliability and safety is a critical pain point


Achieving optimal thermal management while considering space constraints and overall vehicle design can be a significant challenge for engineers


Ensuring efficient cold weather performance without compromising comfort or range remains a challenge for EV manufacturers

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Compact Architecture for Increased System Efficiency

Harnessing the power of differentiated technology, Garrett’s E-Cooling system is a game-changer in the electric vehicle industry. Driven by a high-speed centrifugal compressor, it allows for ultra-fast charging and high-speed driving, improved cabin comfort, and simplified installation. It is the optimal choice for those seeking enhanced vehicle performance and environmental sustainability.

Designed with a compact, oil-less architecture, the system operates at incredibly high speeds, contributing to a more efficient energy management system and vehicle range increase. This reduces battery size and, consequently, vehicle weight.

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Why Garrett?

As an industry-proven innovation provider, Garrett is at the forefront of bringing differentiated solutions that bolster the industry’s electrification transformation. Our E-Cooling compressor for EV thermal management is a testament to this, expertly regulating optimal temperatures for key components such as the battery pack, electric motor, and power electronics, ensuring efficient and safe operation. Our world-class technical solutions help us to drive a growing suite of zero-emissions products. These solutions enable our customers to set new industry standards in power density, efficiency and sustainable transportation.


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