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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Vehicles

Our efficient, powerful and lightweight compressors fuse leading-edge automotive technologies to boost next-generation fuel cells and promote the adoption of zero-emission cars and trucks.

Increased Power & Efficiency in a Compact Design

Garrett has been at the cutting edge of fuel cell innovation for more than 40 years. We launched the auto industry’s first fuel cell production car application in 2016, and now our global footprint and leadership in electrification systems – including E-Turbo – is helping drive worldwide adoption of this zero-emissions technology. Garrett’s high-pressure ratio electric compressors significantly increases the power density of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells while reducing compressor noise, allowing this clean energy technology to be applied to modern vehicles.

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Passenger Vehicle Solutions

15 kW

Commercial Vehicle Solutions

25 kW

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1. Two Stage Electric Compressor

Our Two-Stage electric compressor boosts fuel cell stacks to higher pressures and flows, significantly improving efficiency and power density and enabling downsized packaging to fit and drive the electric powertrains of regular-sized vehicles.
The result is improved driving performance – and a major step on the pathway to a zero-emissions future.

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2. New Generation of Modular FC compressor: Optional Turbine

The new generation product combined the knowledge of our base turbocharger business for aerodynamics, our new high-speed motor experience, and oil-free bearing experience. Capable of more than 150,000 RPM, our fuel cell compressor delivers leading performance and efficiency in a compact size.


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Garrett Fuel Cell Innovation Timeline

  1. 1981

    2 Bootstrap turbo tompressors (Full and Partial Flow Sizes)
    TEPCO 5MW Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Power Plant

  2. 1997

    Turbo compressor DoE
    50kW PEM Fuel Cell for Light Duty Vehicle

  3. 2003

    Motor Driven Turbo compressor
    PEM Fuel Cell System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  4. 2007

    Turbo compressor with VNT
    DoE 80kW PEM Fuel Cell System for Light Duty Vehicle

  5. 2016

    Series Production Motor Driven Compressor
    103kW PEM Fuel Cell System for Passenger Vehicle

  6. 2022

    New generation of modular Fuel Cell compressor: Optional Turbine Expander presented at Vienna Motor Symposium


Why do customers choose us?


Our fuel cell compressor achieves best-in-class durability with >1 million start-and-stop cycles and over 25,000 hours of life.


The optional turbine expander enables the OEMs to harvest exhaust energy at the stack outlet. This reduces the electrical power required to drive the fuel cell turbo-compressor by up to 20%.


The ultra-high-speed of our solution (>150 krpm) enables a compact machine at ISO performance (airflow/ pressure ratio).


High-speed e-machine experience and in-depth fuel cell industry insight. World-first E-Turbo launched in 2021.


The size reduction enables a reduction in raw materials usage. Combined with a robust design-for-manufacturing methodology this led to ~1/3 component cost reduction.

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