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Award-Winning E-Turbo Technology

Garrett is pioneering E-Turbo technology to deliver superior performance, fuel economy, and emissions, by integrating state-of-the-art, ultra-high-speed electric motors and power electronics into its turbocharger product families.


Electric Turbo Innovation

Garrett’s Electrified Turbos (E-Turbos) show exciting potential and equal applicability in both light & commercial vehicles, in all fuels such as gasoline, diesel and natural gas (CNG).


What is an Electric Turbocharger? Exploring the Power and Efficiency of Garrett’s E-Turbo

The electric turbocharger, or E-Turbo, isn’t just an enhancement to traditional turbocharging systems; it’s a complete reimagining, offering unparalleled benefits in efficiency and performance for hybrid vehicles. Let’s delve into the mechanics, advantages, and environmental impact of Garrett’s E-Turbo, setting new standards for sustainable high performance.


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Garrett Motion Wins 2021 Automotive News PACE Award for Industry-First Electric Turbo

Garrett’s state-of-the-art E-Turbo has been recognized as a superior innovation with an Automotive News PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence) Award, a first for electric turbochargers. World-class Garrett engineers successfully overcame the many challenges in thermal management, energy recovery, compact packaging and high-volume and low-cost design to develop the E-Turbo, wowing the PACE judge panel to earn the award in September 2021.


Light Vehicle Gasoline

E-Turbo | A Key Technology for EU7

Garrett has created multiple E-Turbo demonstration vehicles that are successful representations of how an electrified boosting solution can increase engine power and torque while allowing the engine to operate at Lambda 1, providing energy recuperation to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Electrifying a turbocharger removes the constraint of needing a small turbine with excellent efficiency to drive the compressor at low flow rates. Instead, it allows us to right-size the turbine for Lambda 1 rated power.

Lambda 1 (or stoichiometric air/fuel ratio) is a key part of future Legislation.

If you are interested to learn more about Garrett electric boosting technology, download the E-Turbo whitepaper.

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Strong industry macros indicate that all forms of hybridization set to grow fast (MHEV, HEV, PHEV)

The technologies will be used to meet regional, national, and local fuel economy and air quality targets

e.g. Europe CO2 -15% by 2025, -37,5% by 2030 (vs 2020) RDE – City, Extra Urban & Highway City Access – Tolls & Parking Charges Gasoline – Particulates & Lambda 1 Diesel – NOx & NH3

Garrett E-Turbo battery and turbo

Powertrains must be hybridized to meet the fuel economy and emission targets of EU7

E-Turbo provides an integrated, compact and balanced solution that delivers the additional functionality of Energy Recuperation (Efficient energy Management / Positive effect on state of charge SOC). Any penalty in inertia can, therefore, be more than compensated for by an electric motor and the addition of a wide-range Compressor to improve low-end response and extend high-end performance simultaneously.

If you are interested to learn more about Garrett electric boosting technology, download the E-Turbo whitepaper.

If you are interested to learn more about Garrett electric boosting technology, watch this webinar to understand how E-Turbo enables more efficiency and better performance.

Performance and CO2 potential at EU7 Boundary Conditions

Key Features

EU7 Mainstream Concept

Lambda 1
Full Map @ 980°C
Engine Parameters (Power)
16% Power
Engine Parameters (Torque)
10,5% Torque
4x Torque Gradient at 1500 rpm
Torque Consistency
across Speed Range
Energy Management
> 60% Kinetic energy recovery in a Tip Out (Current, Potential >100%)
(under investigation)
(under investigation)

E-Turbo Key Benefits


eg. 3L --> 2L or 2L --> 1,5L
8 to 6 to 4 to 3 cylinders


Shift Strategies
CO2 / Fuel savings

ENABLE Advanced Combustion

Λ1 , Lean, GDCI


New high efficiency concepts
Fewer constraints, wider design space

Recuperation & Turbocompounding

Harvest waste exhaust energy when available
(Based on “cost of energy”)


Drive electrically when Engine inefficient
Drive on the Engine when Hybrid System efficient

Thermal Management

Cold start assist / Load control


Rematching & Transition

Energy Management

Manage State of Charge vs an eHorizon
Anticipate the road ahead

Ready Today to Meet & Exceed the Industry’s Electric Boosting Needs

Garrett’s award-winning E-Turbo is ready today to meet and exceed the industry’s electrification boosting needs. The result of unparalleled engineering expertise and advanced electric capabilities, Garrett’s E-Turbo was developed entirely in-house, from concept to reality.

Read these papers and review all features of 48V and 400V Electric Turbo  and 48V electric compressor.


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Garrett Motion Wins 2021 Automotive News PACE Award for Industry-First Electric Turbo

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