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Webinar – How E-Turbo Enables More Efficiency, Better Performance

Discover the impact of the E-turbo technology on vehicle performance, advanced combustion, energy management strategy, and special function by registering to view this content today.

Garrett Motion has added another electrification technology innovation to its portfolio with the recently announced development of the world’s first “E-Turbo” for passenger vehicles with Mercedes-AMG.

In this deep-dive video, Garrett’s Senior Director of Powertrain Peter Davies walks viewers through a comprehensive presentation about how the company’s E-Turbo works, what its benefits are to automakers, real-world testing on expanded fleets, and much more.

“We all know that the world of powertrain is changing at an unprecedented rate. Electrification is taking place everywhere, and the world of turbocharging is no different.” – Peter Davies


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