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June 27, 2024

Garrett Celebrates 30 Years of Emission Reduction Success in China, Gearing up for Next Chapter in Zero-Emission Vehicle Technology

Garrett Motion, a global differentiated technology leader, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in China today. The importance of Garrett’s longstanding leadership in turbocharging to aid in emission reduction has been reaffirmed by China’s robust electrification trend. In response Garrett is increasing its investments in Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) technologies. This strategic move highlights Garrett’s ambitious goal of achieving $1 billion in ZEV technology revenue by 2030, supported by substantial R&D investments in three key product lines.

Garrett Shanghai site

Garrett Shanghai site

To commemorate this special day, Olivier Rabiller, President and CEO of Garrett Motion said: “For three decades, Garrett has been a proud partner in China’s automotive journey, producing turbochargers and contributing to emission reduction. We are committed to continuing this legacy by leveraging our expertise to drive cleaner transportation solutions and accelerate the development of zero-emission technologies. China is a key market for Garrett, and we are confident that our continued focus on innovation and collaboration will position us as a leader in shaping a sustainable future for China.”

Turbocharging for a cleaner future

Garrett remains a leader in the turbocharger sector, and the company anticipates that these technologies will continue to play a key role in emission reduction. Garrett’s next-generation VNT technology, wastegate turbo technology, the world’s first E-turbo, and electric compressors enhance fuel efficiency while boosting vehicle performance, thereby improving fuel economy for gasoline, diesel passenger cars, and commercial vehicles.

According to market analysis, turbocharging has a long-tail effect, with turbo penetration in light vehicles with internal combustion engines reaching about 65.8% in China by 2027. Additionally, turbocharged engines in medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles are expected to surpass 1.3 million units in China by the same year. This trend is further strengthened by the rapid growth of hybrid vehicles. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production of plug-in hybrid and range extended electric passenger vehicle in China reached 1.5 million, an impressive 86% increase in the first five months of 2024. This surge underscores the importance of advanced turbocharging technologies, such as those developed by Garrett, in supporting cleaner and more efficient mobility solutions.

Garrett is also expanding its offerings in the industrial sector with highly differentiated large-frame turbos designed for power generation and marine applications, as well as for use in trains and large off-highway vehicles.

Investing in the Future: Garrett’s ZEV Technologies

Driven by increasingly stringent carbon emission regulations and the electrification trend, Garrett is leveraging its four core competencies – turbomachinery, high-speed motors, power electronics, and control software – to continuously develop a differentiated zero-emission product portfolio:

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Compressors: Leading the industry with high-efficiency and durability solutions, Garrett’s technology maximizes the efficiency and range of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The unique design of turbine expander can reduce energy consumption by an additional 20%, increasing the vehicle’s range, and thereby lowering operating costs.
  • E-Powertrain for electric vehicle propulsion: Offering a compact and powerful system, this innovative solution integrates a high-speed electric motor, inverter, and gearbox to significantly improve vehicle range and performance. Being at least 30% more compact and 30 kg lighter than the industry benchmark, the technology represents a significant leap in power density, contributing to the ongoing revolution in electric mobility.
  • E-Cooling Compressors for electric vehicle thermal management: Garrett’s E-Cooling compressors provide a more powerful and efficient solution for thermal management system, addressing key challenges in range, energy consumption, and charging speed. Using a high-speed centrifugal compressor, this Garrett product allows for ultra-fast charging and high-speed driving, improved cabin comfort, and simplified installation. This technology is anticipated to also become highly useful for industrial usage.

Building on a Strong Foundation in China

Since its investment in China in 1994, Garrett has made China a strategic market, achieving remarkable success. The company has made significant contributions to the development of China’s automotive industry, such as being one of the first to introduce turbocharging technology to China and working with Chinese engine manufacturers and vehicle makers to promote the establishment of national emission standards and achieve a new engine Brake Thermal Efficiency (BTE) record.

Boosted by the demand of growing hybrid vehicles, Garrett’s cumulative delivery of turbos in China reached 30 million units in 2023, including turbochargers for diesel and gasoline engines, hybrid vehicle engines, and electric air compressors.

Over the past two years, Garrett has further strengthened its zero-emission technology innovation capabilities in China, established local R&D capabilities for battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles, and won co-development projects with multiple Chinese automakers. Earlier this year, Garrett China Innovation Center officially unveiled its upgraded and modernized renovation in Shanghai. The center is one of Garrett’s five global innovation centers and has been developing its R&D capabilities since 2003. It now boasts the largest turbo laboratory in Asia, and has established an aftermarket business center, and a hydrogen fuel cell compressor lab, growing local innovation capabilities.

These milestones will support the company’s expansion in the hydrogen fuel cell air compressors, high-speed E-Powertrain, high-power electric compressor cooling systems, accelerating the landing of zero-emission automotive projects in China.

“With a 30-year presence in China, Garrett boasts a highly localized supply chain, R&D capabilities, and production facilities. This commitment ensures rapid responses and customized solutions for Chinese customers,” said Jessica Zhang, Vice President, and General Manager, Garrett China. She added, “Looking ahead, Garrett remains dedicated to staying close to customer and being a local player. This approach, coupled with its ZEV technology investments, positions Garrett as a frontrunner in advancing the automotive sector’s transformation in China and beyond.”

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