With nearly 100% of our R&D investment focused on sustainable technologies,
electrification is a key growth area for Garrett


Garrett Motion, a leading automotive technology company, started as a turbocharger manufacturer more than 65 years ago. Since then, Garrett has reinvented itself and is now pioneering industry breakthroughs in areas like electric boosting and software development.


  • 3.0 Bn.revenue in 2020
  • 7,500 employees
  • 1,250engineers
  • 100new applications launched per year
  • >99%of R&D focused on emissions-reducing technologies
  • 1,600issued and pending patents
  • 10active e-boosting programs

Our work culture

Our people in Garrett are the biggest differentiator and we celebrate our global team’s uniqueness. We know that their creativity, courage and resilience fuel all our technologies. That’s why we invest in their development, celebrate their achievements and support them in
fulfilling their potential.


Focused on a sustainable future

With nearly 100% of our R&D investment focused on sustainable technologies, electrification is a key growth area, and we have some of the best engineers in the world working on brand new solutions to increase vehicle efficiency.

The Electrification Center of Excellence team is a cross-functional, international team contributing to the development of trailblazing electrification technologies.

Integrating state-of-the art ultra-high-speed electric motors, power electronics, control electronics, and advanced control software, our engineers are leading innovations for a safer, cleaner and more efficient world on the move.


Garrett E-Innovation timeline

  1. 1997

    50kW PEM Fuel Cell DoE turbocompressor for light duty vehicles

  2. 2002

    First Garrett turbocharger electrification related patents

  3. 2003

    First E-Turbo test

  4. 2008

    First Turbo used on gasoline hybrids

  5. 2016

    First electric compressor for fuel cell vehicles in production

  6. 2017

    Garrett presents first E-Turbo demo vehicle at Dresden Turbo Conference

  7. 2018-2020

    High speed motor technologies
    Advanced power electronics
    MPC software

  8. 2021

    Garrett E-Turbo in production


With our electrification offering quickly expanding, we are looking for top engineers to join our 5 global R&D centers located in the USA, France, Czech Republic, Korea and China. Learn more about our openings.

  • System Engineering
  • Power Electronics
  • Motor Controls
  • Fuel Cell Engineering
  • Embedded Software


E-Turbo Technology

Garrett has developed the first e-turbo for passenger vehicles in the industry. Expected on the roads in 2021, the Garrett E-Turbo development means plenty of interesting engineering challenges for our engineers to solve.

Learn more

 Fuel Cell E-Compressor

First launched in production in 2016, Garrett’s Two-Stage compressor is one of the technologies Garrett is focusing on with exciting next generation solutions to follow in the coming years.

Learn more

Mild Hybrids E-Compressor

Our compressor aids emissions reduction and improved fuel economy alongside a more responsive driving experience.

Learn more

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