Corporate Citizenship

Garrett’s commitment to leadership extends way beyond technology. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, implement strict safety procedures for our people, and strive to minimise our impact on the planet in everything we do.

A Worldwide Community

At Garrett, our leadership team is accountable for the way our business operates around the world… but our people share a responsibility to act ethically and with the highest professional standards at all times. It’s in our DNA to work hard but play fair, to respect our colleagues and our business partners, and to operate in an environmentally-responsible way.

Caring for our people

Our people are our business. We strive to create an inclusive culture that fosters respect, celebrates diversity, and encourages everyone to fulfil their potential, wherever in the world they are based.

Our comprehensive training and development program nurtures individual talent and contributes to a work environment that is rewarding, safe and built on shared values.

Supporting our communities

Garrett touches communities around the world, as an employer, an engine for economic growth and as a partner for social cohesion.

Our people volunteer their time and expertise to local projects, while our company outreach activity supports educational, environmental, equality and technology initiatives, including an automotive design challenge for middle school students in eight countries.

Providing a healthy and safe workplace

World-class health, safety and environmental considerations are integrated into Garrett procedures and processes.

Our management systems underpin our commitments to protect our people and achieve regulatory compliance as we pursue sustainable growth and accelerated productivity.

Protecting the environment

At Garrett, we minimize our environmental footprint through innovations that safeguard natural resources, reduce waste, increase energy and water efficiency and manage emissions of pollutants.

As a worldwide business, we apply global standards to environmental impact as part of our lifecycle management, assessing end-to-end performance from design through to manufacturing and service support.

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Formula SAE and Formula Student Sponsorship

Garrett places a high value on learning opportunities. We proudly sponsor the passionate engineers of tomorrow who will play a key role in continuing to advance motion.

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