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VNT™ DAVNT – Double Axle VNT Turbocharger

Garrett’s latest generation of Variable Geometry Turbo DAVNT (Double Axle VNT) offers robust and high performance-boosting solutions enabling fuel efficiency improvement, emission reduction, and further enhanced engine braking capabilities.


Balancing power & efficiency at every speed

Garrett’s latest generation Variable Geometry Turbo DAVNT (Double Axle VNT) turbocharger is valued in Commercial Vehicles for its ability to increase fuel efficiency as well as engine power density while meeting emissions through Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) control.

Engine Range

Variable Geometry Turbo DAVNT (Double Axle VNT) turbos, available in different sizes, are especially suited to diesel engines with displacements from 2.5L to 15L – from small delivery vans to large highway trucks and off-highway equipment.

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