Stay ahead of hackers with our on-board and off-board solutions to detect, report and protect vehicles against cyber-attacks.

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Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDPS) and Firewall

Our on-board hardware and chip agnostic solution blocks unauthorized messages from outside and reads and detects anomalies on the vehicle network with high accuracy, low false-positives while utilizing a small footprint within the on-board CPU.


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Security Operations Center Tools

Our solution provides forensic tools for the Security Operations Center (SOC) to understand the root cause of an IDS alert. We use machine learning and advanced analytics to aggregate, correlate and prioritize events from millions of vehicles, so human operators can focus on important cases and quickly understand the nature of an issue to route it for fast fixes.

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Hacks Happen: Garrett’s Cybersecurity Solutions Help Safeguard Connected Vehicles

Click below to read a Q&A with Garrett Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Craig Balis about the company’s cybersecurity approach and its importance to the future of safe and reliable connected vehicles.

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