Through our Internship Programs you will be able to connect theoretical knowledge with practical  responsibilities in your areas of interest.

Deeply rooted in Garrett’s commitment to nurture talent and support people to reach their potential, our Internship Programs reveal themselves as “living laboratories.”

Students can challenge themselves by searching the best solutions to meet goals, while working with real business scenarios through internships that unfold over a period of six months. During the internships students are thoughtfully guided by Garrett mentors to develop their own end-to-end projects.

They are encouraged to take ownership, find solutions to overcome challenges and define tactics to meet goals.

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Garrett India Interns 2019/2020

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We remain connected with our customers, who share our passion and enthusiasm for the automotive technology.

Garrett / Turbo Technology / Electric & Hybrid / Connected Vehicles
November 21, 2022

Garrett Helps OEMs Protect Vehicle Security in an Increasingly Connected World

In 2023, the number of connected vehicles around the world is expected to reach 775 million* – and for black hat cyber criminals that represents…

Garrett / Turbo Technology / Electric & Hybrid / Connected Vehicles
October 20, 2022

Prepping for Future Innovation: Garrett India’s Internship Program Brings Strong Benefits to Young Talent

At Garrett, we believe celebrating innovation is also about sharing knowledge and inspiring young talent to work hard, take advantage of opportunities, and make their…

Garrett / Turbo Technology / Electric & Hybrid / Connected Vehicles
October 12, 2022

Garrett Motion welcomes one of the best project car consultants in Turkey as the new performance distributor

“Boost is our life.” Okan Turan says that he drives his 800whp BMW boosted with a Garrett performance turbo with great pleasure daily. “The best thing is that every car “tailor-made” has its own characteristics