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Large Wastegate / Free Floating Turbochargers

Garrett Motion Large Wastegate / Free Floating Turbochargers

Garrett Motion Large Wastegate / Free Floating Turbochargers

Garrett large wastegate and free floating turbos are designed for large off-highway commercial diesel engines, covering a wide range of applications such as mining equipment, generator sets, locomotives and marine applications.

Engine Range
While large wastegate turbos cover engines with sizes above 30L and below 64L, the free floating turbos are mainly focused on engines that range from 64L to 105L.

Key Features
Garrett wastegate and free floating turbos for large highway applications are known for their track record of performing under harsh conditions. Backed by decades of experience and based on proven design, they offer a great reliability and durability, providing up to 20,000 hours of useful life. Free floating turbos rely heavily on the engine manufacturer’s control strategy to maintain acceptable operating conditions, while the wastegate turbos offer more flexibility in controlling turbo speed by bypassing exhaust gas when the pressure reaches pre-determined application-specific limits.

For highly cyclic applications like mine trucks, Garrett turbos are designed to maximize mechanical robustness with features like titanium compressor wheels, long-life turbine wheel design, materials and special casting processes. For non-cyclical applications such as generator sets, Garrett turbos are designed to minimize the failure modes that historically plague these applications, with special attention being paid to bearing design, oil management and thrust capacity.

New emissions regulations and economic drivers are also adding additional requirements for the turbochargers for this segment; maintaining performance at high-altitude conditions and improving fuel efficiency. Through advanced aerodynamic designs, Garrett engineers are able to deliver on both without compromising on reliability.

Key Benefits:
To increase reliability, Garrett engineers have developed low-stress turbine wheels through design and casting process, thereby virtually eliminating the primary failure mode. In addition, a unique bearing system featuring a one-piece cartridge is designed to essentially eliminate bearing-related failure modes by minimizing oil degradation. Finally, titanium compressor wheels leads to higher mechanical robustness.

Garrett wastegate and free floating turbos also offer improved fuel efficiency over a broad operating range for variable speed applications as well as mounting and packaging flexibility on a variety of engine applications.

Evolution and Future Trends
Since the launch of large wastegate and free floating turbos, Garrett engineers have made significant improvements in the areas of turbo performance and durability through advances in aerodynamics and bearing systems. Garrett engineers are accelerating their development in aerodynamics to further increase pressure ratio capability and efficiency and in bearing systems to further reduce mechanical losses.

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