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Craig Balis, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Garrett – Advancing Motion, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 2019, USA

• At CES, the latest and greatest in consumer electronics innovations are on display, and this certainly includes the automotive industry.
• Indeed, today’s vehicle is a consumer electronic device. As soon as you can pair your phone with your car, you have a connected vehicle.
• Tomorrow, higher computing power, Ethernet, 5G, Wi-Fi, and many other technologies will enable vehicles to interact with their surroundings, drive autonomously and provide new capabilities we cannot imagine today.
• As a recognized technology leader in the industry, Garrett Advancing Motion has developed a unique portfolio of monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis and analysis solutions that focus on maintaining vehicle integrity.

Unmatched advancements


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Unmatched advancements


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Olivier Rabiller, President and CEO of Garrett – Advancing Motion, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 2019, USA

The automotive industry is facing many challenges associated with advanced connectivity, performance, and safety.
By 2025, every car sold will be connected .
For autonomy and smart mobility automakers must integrate many new technologies with the appropriate safeguards to protect their intended function.
Here at CES, our Garrett Connected Vehicle team is demonstrating the benefits of its differentiated and innovative software portfolio.
Garrett software supports automakers and fleet owners with 3 interconnected elements: cyber security, advanced controls, and integrated vehicle health management.
We can do this by drawing upon our history of more than 60 years of automotive innovation.
Our Garrett automotive software architecture is based upon best practices we developed during the past 30 years for multiple industries.
It has been tailored to meet the unserved needs of the automotive industry. Our customers can count on Garrett Advancing Motion experience and expertise to provide the near-term and long-term solutions needed by our industry.

Olivier Rabiller, President and CEO of Garrett – Advancing Motion

Unmatched advancements

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How to Turbo a Race Car Part 5: Track Approved

Part 5: Track Approved

Have you ever wondered how to turbo a car? Did you know you can turbocharge any combustion engine? This episode, Chris Jeanneret takes the 400 horsepower turbocharged BMW M3 to Evergreen Speedway for a drifting track day. Vibrant Performance, oil and water plumbing with restrictors and fittings from ATP Turbo, and tuning using the AEM Infinity. By the end of the series you will understand turbocharging and be one step closer to building your dream racecar.
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