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March 23, 2021

Garrett Health Management Software Solutions Demonstrate Important Benefits for Fleets, OEMs in Pilot Program

Garrett Advanced Diagnostic and Prognostic Solutions

Advanced Diagnostic and Prognostic Technologies Generate Significant Cost Savings and Increase Vehicle Up-Time

ROLLE, Switzerland, March 23, 2021— Garrett Motion Inc., a leading differentiated technology provider for the automotive industry, has released the preliminary results of its pilot program demonstrating the potential value of implementing SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) JA6268™ standards for vehicle health monitoring.

The preliminary results of the ongoing pilot, which were presented by Garrett and partners at American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council (ATA-TMC) conference on March 22, indicated that when leveraging the SAE JA6268™ standards in conjunction with Garrett diagnostic and prognostic software, industry players can save up to 50% of their time in creating accurate diagnostics while reducing costs of development, decreasing “No Trouble Found,” and reducing vehicle down-time.

SAE JA6268™ is defined by the HRCS™ (Health-Ready Component Systems) consortium, a subgroup of SAE™, and exists for many industries, including automotive and aerospace. Overall, SAE JA6268™ provides standard templates for main components that can be found in a vehicle, describing their failure modes, the mechanism to monitor their heath, and field data required to enable its health monitoring. The standard templates are hosted by HRCS™ and will be unveiled to the public in Q2 2021.

“Garrett, as a founding member of the HRCS, partnered with prominent truck manufacturers and fleets in the U.S. to demonstrate the process by which SAE JA6268™ templates can be used to facilitate the communication of important information that helps to improve diagnostic accuracy in a timely and highly efficient manner,” explained Tim Felke, Engineering Fellow within Garrett’s Connected Vehicle business. “This new and innovative approach to delivering critical, time-sensitive heath management data is consistent with our focus on transforming current understanding of vehicle integrity and end-user productivity. Our preliminary results from the pilot program show that up to 50% less time can be spent in the implementation of advanced diagnostic functions, making this process scalable over time.”

Saving Time and Money by Preventing Misdiagnoses and Unexpected Parts Breakages

The implementation of IVHM functions across the industry has the potential to save billions of dollars in undue warranty costs, vehicle downtime, costs to implement remote diagnostics and prognostics in the entire ecosystem from suppliers to OEMs to fleet operators. These costs savings are expected to grow over time as vehicles new technology content grows and traditional technicians have already experienced greater difficulties in diagnosing todays vehicle faults. Garrett’s advanced diagnostic and prognostic software solutions help to manage effectively vehicle health for OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and fleet operators, all while following SAE™ classifications and standards.

“Today’s vehicles are often misdiagnosed, leading to much dissatisfaction from both private owners and large fleet operators,” added Felke. “Incorrect diagnostics and lack of prognostics are costly issues. Globally, it is estimated that billions of dollars per year is lost in undue warranty claims, fleet downtime and decrease in sales as customers and fleet managers often walk away from a brand due to service and repair difficulties.”

“Garrett’s expertise combines nearly 70 years of automotive technology leadership with a unique aerospace and industrial software heritage. Our software solutions are tailored to the development process, meeting the productivity requirements, certification and agility needs of customers within the global automotive industry.”

Garrett’s Fast-Starter for JA6268 Solution Coming Soon

As an IVHM expert and co-founder of the HRCS Consortium, Garrett plans to launch a tool later this spring designed to import SAE JA6268™ templates and customize them to the specifications of the component, fleet or vehicle used. The Fast Starter for JA6268™ will be available on a limited trial basis along with a consulting session at no cost. This exclusive tool is compatible with Garrett’s existing software suite and will be made available on the company’s website.

“Garrett and the HRCS Consortium is working with industry partners to provide a library of templates to simplify the implementation of IVHM functions,” added Felke. “This effort is focused on producing the library of templates for components and systems used on ground vehicles with an emphasis on the needs of commercial vehicle fleets represented in ATA-TMC.”


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