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Fleet Early Warning System (EWS)

By knowing the actual and future health state of your vehicles you can optimize your Predictive Maintenance schedules by utilizing EWS in order to service vehicles at the exact time when it’s needed, generating additional savings by avoiding “over-servicing” or being reactive when problems already began to occur.

We built EWS based on decades of experience dealing with engines and other vehicles’ systems coupled with our expertise in automotive and aerospace software in the area of Integrated Vehicle Health Management and Prognostics.

Garrett Motion Fleet Early Warning System (EWS) 2

Key Benefits

Save money on costly engine repairs

and expensive unplanned downtimes

Your customers get timely service

without unpleasant surprises of missed deliveries

Optimize your Predictive Maintenance schedules

and service vehicles at the exact time when it is needed

Generate additional saving

by avoiding over-servicing

Mixed Fleet Prognostics Capability

Early Warning System (EWS)

  • Vehicle & Fleet Management (VFM)Assessment of the fleet health risks based on all monitored systems’ behavior; Clear outlook over the next 7 / 30 / 90 days’ anomalies, Diagnosis Trouble Code (DTC’s) and failures
  • Predictive Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) Prioritization of maintenance resources towards the most value risk in case of failure; Assets that have a greater risk / cost of failure are monitored more frequently
  • Predictive Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)Optimization for the entire fleet’s uptime using cost-effective maintenance techniques; Preservation of system performance by identifying appropriate modes of functionality
  • Fleet Improvements (FI) Process control management, on the fly diagnostics and asset usage optimization; Benchmarking and cross fleet analytics
  • Data Management (DM)Optimal data collection and ingestion including security management; Advanced data integration and enrichment as well as storage for advanced usage
  • Data Consumption and Insights (DCI)API & WEB: full flexibility in type of data consumption and widgets’ customization; Mobile & IVI: any system or component level insight or creation and transfer of actions

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