Security Operations Center

Monitoring threats 24/7 using advanced analytics to aggregate, classify and correlate events. This is achieved also by using human analysis, to provide precise and rapid feedback to customers via online and mobile dashboards, helping identify and to mitigate automotive cybersecurity threats via an offboard Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC Features

Advanced analytics to aggregate, classify and correlate events

from millions of vehicles, from all sources in the car - CAN, Ethernet, Firewalls, others.

Online and mobile

dashboards for results

Link with other industries

threats patterns and lsac

SaaS Solution only or full

24/7 global security service

API with

Enterprise SOC

Hacks Happen: Garrett’s Cybersecurity Solutions Help Safeguard Connected Vehicles

Below is a Q&A with Garrett Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Craig Balis about the company’s cybersecurity approach and its importance to the future of safe and reliable connected vehicles.

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Key Benefits

  • Flexible SaaS Solutioneasy to scale at low costs
  • No training costfor dedicated personnel
  • Prevent new attacks with multi industry threats reports
  • Simple lower integration risksperfectly managing large fleet and all cyber solutions

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