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Stay one step ahead

At Garrett, we tailor a blend of learning and development programs that address a wide range of functional competencies, technical, and human skills, leading to a total of approximately 40,000 hours of trainings delivered annually.

Self – paced Learning
More than 1,000 online trainings are at a click away from any Garrett employee. From technical skills to wellbeing classes, our employees can choose from a large variety of topics
Peer to peer learning
Experts from all functions are trained to create learning content themselves. This not only enables informed deep dives but also helps our in-house experts develop their communication skills.
Learning Digital Communities
Sharing knowledge is central to our learning culture. Our online communities allow members to easily access online courses specific to their function and to share materials and ideas on the topics of interest.
Live Virtual Session and In-Class trainings
Created internally or designed specifically for Garrett by reputed training companies, the live trainings and workshops cover a broad range of topics, connecting professionals to the newest trends in their fields, and providing cross-functional know how.

Investing in a culture of innovation

Education is one of Garrett’s main sustainability pillars. Developing the right skillset for both our employees and the next generation of innovators are essential to Garrett’s WeCare4 sustainability approach.


Educating Future Innovators

Hundreds of students worldwide learn more about the STEM and how digital transformation impacts us from Garrett teachers and mentors each year.

read more in our sustainability Report

Formula SAE and Formula Student Sponsorship

Garrett places a high value on learning opportunities. We proudly sponsor the passionate engineers of tomorrow who will play a key role in continuing to advance motion.


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