PN: 881649-6001

2011 - 2020 Ford Raptor/ Ranger/ Everest/ Mazda BT50 3.2L | 2.2L | 2.0L*

All aluminum, TIG welded construction increases strength and durability for on road and off road applications.


  • Supports up to 499 kW
  • 218% larger core than stock
  • Installs in stock location
  • Cast aluminum end tanks
  • Advanced offset fin design
  • Bar-and-plate construction

Size Comparison


Direct fitment with no modifications required

~2.0 hours installation

Performance: Thermal Efficiency Testing

Vehicle dyno test data comparing OE to Garrett. Multiple back to back dyno pulls measure inlet and outlet temps to gauge intercooler effectiveness and heat saturation point. The outlet temps with the Garrett intercooler are ~30 deg C lower than the OEM intercooler.

Performance: Dyno Testing

Upgrading to a more effective intercooler will increase horsepower by improving intake air density and reducing thermal stress on the engine through cooler intake air temperatures. Cooler temperatures results in a decrease in combustion temperature, moving the engine further from the edge of detonation under boost. As a result, water and oil temps can drop and that pressure drop across the core reduces the strain on the turbo’s compressor while reaching target boost pressure.

This means the turbine does not need to recover as much power from the exhaust stream to power the compressor. Less power recovery needed reduces back pressure resulting in less propensity for detonation, less heat retained in the engine as well as better volumetric efficiency. With cooler intake air temperatures and less back pressure, the engine’s tolerance for detonation increases.  This new higher tolerance utilize tuning to increase boost pressure, ignition timing, and perhaps a leaner air-fuel ratio to produce even more power. For a simple bolt-on upgrade, a performance intercooler has a cascade effect for making more power and efficiency while reducing stress on the engine; something we can all appreciate.

Intercooler specification


Part Number881649-6001
MakeFord | Mazda
ModelRaptor / Ranger / Everest / BT50
Type3.2L | 2.2L | 2.0L
Weight12.56 kg
Size Specs680mm x 101mm x 260mm
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