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June 15, 2012

New Turbo Gasoline Engines Going Mainstream

Turbocharging in gasoline engines is set to be the next big automotive trend and will be going mainstream and global as a result of more stringent emissions standards.

At the forefront of this growth curve is Honeywell technology, which is boosting a whole new generation of turbo gasoline engines as manufacturers focus on developing smaller, cleaner and more fuel efficient engines that don’t compromise on performance.

Of course, the concept of turbo gas engines is not new – but today’s technologies, such as the new range of Garrett® MGTs (Modern Gasoline Turbos), offer performance way beyond previous systems. Turbos are seen as a key enabler to engine downsizing, where vehicle manufacturers exploit the turbo advantage to comply with emissions regulations and enhance fuel efficiency while at the same time maintaining the edge in power, torque and driveability.

Some very innovative small engines have been launched with Honeywell MGT technology, including the Fiat MultiAir 1.4L engine offering up to 125kW . This turbo model incorporates a stainless steel turbine housing, water-cooling, the latest low-loss “Z” bearing system and compressor re-circulation valve. For the highest temperature applications a special composite turbine wheel can be used.

Another example is the MGT1446MZGL for the 1.4L Opel Ecotec with 103 kW, which has an integrated exhaust manifold, compressor recirculation valve and PWM valve controlling the wastegate actuator.

Of course, Honeywell gasoline turbo expertise also appears on larger engines including, for example, the BMW 4.4L V8. This high temperature (1050oC) application demonstrated Honeywell’s success in meeting a number of tough technical challenges, the most significant of which was mounting the twin MGT turbos in the centre of the engine’s V configuration, with associated heat soak from the engine and exhaust manifolds. The turbos are water-cooled and incorporate an electronically controlled recirculation valve.

These applications prove the ability of Honeywell to meet the needs of the entire gasoline light vehicle market….look out for more launches that will translate into growth areas for Garrett Aftermarket partners.

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