March 1, 2018

FTS Italy and Garrett talk about TYPE APPROVAL

On the 17th of February, at the headquarters of our Master Distributor, FTS SpA in Alba a press conference was held in front of 60 press representatives on the topic of spare parts quality, specifically drawing attention to poor quality and cheap alternatives that bring along strong consequences: failure to meet emission requirements and possible safety risks on public roads.

Type approval campaign talks about:

  • Non-compliant replacement parts may void a vehicle’s type approval
  • Non-OE-specified / non-original parts are not produced to the same design specs as originals
  • Non-genuine parts may achieve certification but non-OE-specified turbochargers are presumed to have a negative effect on emissions and may require further certification before installation
  • Using such parts may expose garages and end consumers to various penalties

The governments in Germany, Spain and Italy have issued the information to raise the awareness of the consequences of installing a non-specified turbo. This action also underscores the important role turbochargers play in helping to meet more and stringent emissions and energy efficiency targets. The federal policy is consistent with other federal policies on vehicle components such as tire dimensions or tuning components.

Amongst FTS representatives and Italian authorities, Honeywell shared its vision of the global and European market with regard to the opportunities and challenges for the independent aftermarket, presenting an ongoing product analysis which clearly shows how market-leading Garrett turbos deliver significantly better whole-life value than lower-cost non-genuine alternatives when taking into account reliability, performance, fuel efficiency and product life.

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