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August 31, 2020

Fresh Perspectives – and Fun – for Garrett India’s Interns

Garrett India Interns 2019/2020

Garrett India interns pose for a photo at a company event. All photos were captured prior to the 2020 global health crisis.

When some of India’s brightest engineering and technology students were selected for Garrett India’s internship program, they expected technical challenges. . . but not the unprecedented disruption of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the Garrett teams in Bangalore, Pune and Madurai were determined that these young people should benefit from a crucial part of their education – so they reshaped project engagement to capitalize on remote meetings and a digital learning environment.

The Garrett India program enables students from top universities to work on complex, real-time engineering, supply base, integrated supply chain (ISC) and IT projects, supported by a project manager.

“My internship journey has been a great learning experience with amazing exposure to new tools and improvements in my decision-making capability through deep diving across academic engineering concepts,” said Garrett India intern Manish Gami. “At the same time, I had an amazing time at fun work events and cultural activities.”

Garrett India Interns 2019/2020

Garrett India interns pose for a photo at a company event. All photos were captured prior to the 2020 global health crisis.

The 2019 and 2020 classes delivered outstanding outcomes, many with significant potential value and cost savings for the company.

“Across the various rounds, it was very satisfying to see these young people adapt and thrive during their time with us, not only applying energy, technical skills and fresh thinking to their projects, but also having fun and growing in confidence as individuals,” commented Beena Dixit, India HR director. “We wanted everyone to have the same opportunity in spite of the obvious recent challenges.”

Among the more than 30 students over the last 12 months, two interns received special recognition for their achievements. Karthik Onteddu, a student at AIT Pune, completed a two-month project at Garrett’s Pune engineering plant. Under the guidance of manager Rohit Jaripatke, Karthik looked at the potential for component standardization in two turbos serving the small commercial vehicle and tractor segment.

Vamsikrishna Kosavuri, studying with the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, undertook two projects over nine months at Garrett’s Bangalore facility. With support from manager Suryakant Gupta, he developed a test rig to simulate icing conditions and then investigated redesigning a 2-stage turbo component.

“We are happy to support the next generation of innovators, inventors and engineers through STEM-driven programs. As part of our community outreach, we encourage more young people, particularly women, to embrace the opportunities open to them through STEM studies,” said Jegapriyan Govindarajan, Garrett India’s Managing Director and General Manager.

Most recently, four students completed their round of internships out of the Pune facility while three additional interns began virtual programs with engineering teams from Garrett’s Bangalore site.

The next round of Garrett internships is currently accepting applications. Students can challenge themselves by searching the best solutions to meet goals, while working with real business scenarios. During the internships, students are thoughtfully guided by Garrett mentors to develop their own end-to-end projects. To find out more, please visit

Garrett India Interns 2019/2020

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