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June 4, 2020

Stronger, Together in India: Garrett Motion Provides Hospital Beds, Meals, PPE During Ongoing COVID-19 Battle

Garrett teams in Pune, Bangalore and Madurai have refocused their community outreach programs to support local populations impacted by COVID-19, providing funding for much-needed healthcare resources along with nutrition packs for vulnerable families.

In India, the company complies with local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) regulations, and is an enthusiastic advocate of STEM education in its host communities, inspiring future generations of engineers and technology innovators at Garrett STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) events, and organizing local family fun days.

However, when COVID-19 arrived, Garrett quickly decided to refocus outreach resources to provide help where it was most urgently needed.

Working closely with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry – Socio Economic Development Foundation (FICCI-SEDF), the local teams were able to redirect a considerable proportion of the company’s CSR funding to Action Aid India, which works with vulnerable communities, and People to People Health Foundation, which helps build capacity in local healthcare systems.

As a result, three hospitals in Pune and Bangalore have already added 10 intensive care unit beds to exclusive COVID-19 isolation centers, in addition to receiving PPE kits and N95 respirator masks to help their frontline medical teams care for COVID patients as safely as possible.

“When corporations such as Garrett embrace the power of partnership, the results for local communities can be significant,” said Uma S Seth, Senior Director and Head, FICCI-SEDF. “Whether it’s inspiring future generations or meeting more immediate challenges, when we work together, we are all stronger.”

The first phase of funding has also provided nutrition kits for vulnerable families in Bangalore and Madurai, enabling around 2,000 people to access food and sanitation products for one month during the lockdown.

Additional medical equipment and nutrition kits are currently being ordered to provide further support to those who need it most in Garrett’s host communities.

“The Garrett teams in India have enthusiastically embraced community engagement, working with young people, particularly young women, to broaden their horizons through STEM initiatives, supporting research projects and offering student scholarships,” said Mark Hammond, Managing Director and General Manager, Garrett India. “When the virus arrived, there was an immediate desire to refocus our wider CSR program towards urgent healthcare and societal challenges, and we are very happy that this support has delivered both immediate and longer-term benefits.

“Of course, just like everyone else, we are also very much looking forward to better times, notably joining with the emerging generation of engineers and technology innovators at our STEM events next year.”

Around the world, Garrett’s community outreach focus is to provide learning opportunities that help inspire the next generation of future inventors, innovators and leaders in sustainable mobility.

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