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March 21, 2023

Automotive Ethernet Congress 2023

On March 21-23, Garrett Motion will be present at the Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich Germany, supporting the “End-to-end Ethernet IDPS demonstration using SJA1110 & S32G” in partnership with NXP.

Throughout this live demo, Garrett software engineers will present the company’s class-leading Ethernet Intrusion Detection and Protection System (E-IDPS) software, how it integrates across multi-network environments and application processor “detection-isolation-report-response” algorithms.

April 18, 2023

SAE International’s WCX Conference 2023

On April 18-20 2023, Garrett Motion will be present at the SAE International’s WCX Conference, supporting the co-authoring of a technical presentation titled “Dynamic Simulation using ECMS Controller to Optimize the Fuel Economy of a Fuel Cell based HD Commercial Vehicle”.

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Garrett Past Events

February 21, 2023

Advanced E-Motor Technology 2023 Expo

Garrett to participate in the 10th Annual Advanced E-Motor Technology 2023 expo.

Please join us on Feb 22 for a discussion with Garrett’s Saphir Faid – Senior Director Engineering of Electric Product Development, on how we can enable more cost-effective, robust and efficient e-motors.


November 9, 2022

Expert-Forum Powertrain 2022

On November 9-10, Garrett Motion will be present at the Expert-Forum Powertrain 2022, supporting the co-authoring of a technical presentation titled “Fuel Economy Optimization and Battery Thermal Management for a Parallel HEV in a Real-Driving Cycle using a Dynamic Simulation and Integrated ECMS Controller”.

November 5, 2022

Australia Buznats: Heathcote Park Raceway

Buznats, Australia’s Biggest Rotary Event

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