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September 21, 2021

Garrett to Showcase Vehicle Health Management Solutions at SAE® On-Board Diagnostics Digital Summit – Americas

The number of software monitoring requirements within vehicles is increasing rapidly, driven by both legislation mandates and OEMs striving to improve the performance and reliability of their vehicles. Implementing Vehicle Health Management technologies is imperative to meet and exceed these requirements, and Garrett Motion is leading several initiatives and commercial deployments within Connected Vehicle Software. SAE JA6268™ is a new health management standard that Garrett and many other companies are promoting for an easier implementation of Vehicle Health Management.

You are invited to learn more on Sept. 21 as the Garrett team will present during the 2021 SAE On-Board Diagnostics Digital Summit-Americas (OBD-Americas). Garrett will show how SAE JA6268™ will support the implementation of future on-board monitoring (OBM) requirements and how the deployment of SAE JA6268™ will not require any additional effort or costs compared to the normal OBD development activities. Garrett’s expertise in this realm has taken an important role as a member of a CLEPA task force to define the Euro 7 OBM requirements proposal to the European Commission.

Speakers: Ferdinando De Cristofaro – Software Chief Engineer and Tim Felke – Engineering Fellow at Garrett Advancing Motion

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Presented Technologies

SAE JA6268TM standard

Make data exchange and full adoption of Integrated Vehicle Management functions easy with the SAE JA6268TM standard and Garrett’s advanced tool set. JA6268TM is an SAE standard defined to ease the exchange of data between industry players and to enable the adoption of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM).

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Future of Vehicle Health Management with SAE JA6268™

In this currently available on-demand webinar, Garrett presents the new SAE JA6268TM standards and shows how, coupled with Garrett technologies, it enables OEMs and fleet managers to unlock the full value of vehicle information and data.


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Fast Start for JA6268

Garrett Advanced Diagnostic & Prognostic Solutions

Our solutions help automakers, fleet operators and suppliers make vehicle health management more effective while lowering their operational costs and improving end-customer satisfaction.

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