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Honeywell at the 67th IAA International Motor Show

Honeywell Transportation
Systems offers differentiated
automotive technologies
that enable greater
efficiency and security.

Olivier Rabiller On Honeywell at 67th IAA Cars 2017

Cristina Segal On Honeywell Connected Vehicle Solutions | IAA 2017

Craig Balis On Honeywell Turbo Technologies at IAA 2017

Gasoline Turbocharging:

3rd Generation Wastegate | Variable Geometry VNTTM Turbo for Gasoline Engines

Diesel Turbocharging:

TwoStage Systems | Variable Geometry VNTTM Turbo for Diesel Engines

Electric Boosting:

48V Electric Compressor | TwoStage Electric Compressor for Fuel Cells

Connected Vehicle Solutions:

Cybersecurity | Integrated Vehicle Health Management

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