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Honeywell at the 38th International Vienna Motor Symposium

Pierre Barthelet
Chief Marketing Officer, Honeywell Transportation Systems

Pierre Barthelet – Chief Marketing Officer, Honeywell Transportation Systems, talks about Honeywell’s positioning and customer value for the automotive industry while featuring some of the technologies on display at the Vienna Motor Symposium.

What enables Honeywell to be the partner of choice for major automakers?

Honeywell is uniquely positioned to be the OEMs’ partner of choice for Gasoline and Diesel turbochargers, electric boosting and automotive software for three key reasons:

1. We are covering the broadest range of applications in Passenger and Commercial Vehicles, helping automakers to reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and improve performance. And, we continue to innovate.

For example, Honeywell has managed to apply leading diesel VNT technology to gasoline, providing improved performance and fuel economy.
We are also leveraging our aerospace expertise to help us understand how we can apply some of their insights on high temperature gasoline applications enhanced aerodynamics, coatings and material to automotive standards. Specific to Gasoline VNT, following the first launch for this new generation of fuel efficient Gasoline engines in Europe in 2016, many more are set to follow.

2. Our Honeywell global manufacturing footprint and supply base capabilities for turbo technologies allow us to successfully respond to our customer’s demanding needs with high flexibility for global and local platforms. We are present in 18 key locations across the globe out of which six sites provide Research and Development facilities. These sites along with our newly launched Software Center in Atlanta are fully equipped to drive innovations.

3. Our unique Honeywell automotive, aerospace and automation expertise allows us to innovate, bringing differentiated turbo technologies for conventional powertrains as well as electric boosting AND Automotive Software solutions.

To give you an example: Honeywell partnered with a global car manufacturer, with its own great heritage of innovation, to develop a TwoStage Electric Compressor for Fuel Cells. This compressor continuously boosts the Fuel Cell at more than 4 bars while having a reduced footprint making a true 5-passenger fuel cell car possible.

How is Honeywell positioned in supporting the increasing needs for Connected Cars?

Honeywell has an in-depth experience in connected software solutions. We can leverage more than 30 years of proven Honeywell software experience in Aerospace, Critical Industrial Infrastructure and Home & Building to develop and customize connected software offerings for automotive. And, our in-depth automotive experience and trusted relationship with automakers around the world is another key advantage:
We understand their needs: We integrate agile development, big data and connectivity and provide innovation solutions for Powertrain Controls, Cyber Security and Integrated Vehicle Health Management, called IVHM.

The benefits are proven: IVHM for example, could contribute to 50% reduction of unnecessary repairs and costs while optimizing planned vehicle maintenance and improving up time. And, our industry leading Cyber Security solutions handle both the in-vehicle threat analysis and the off-vehicle operations center to act on attacks.

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Our unique software, conventional and electric boosting engineering expertise as part of Honeywell Aerospace makes us a valued partner in finding sustainable transportation solutions for the 21st century.

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