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Honeywell at the 13th London International Conference on Turbochargers and Turbocharging

Honeywell Transportation Systems will be showcasing leading turbocharging and electric boosting products:

  • TwoStage Electric Compressor for Fuel Cells
  • 2nd Generation Electric Compressor
  • Gasoline VNT turbo
  • 3rd Generation Wastegate Twinscroll turbo
  • TwoStage turbo with Sheet Metal Turbine Housing
  • GT35 VNT DutyDrive turbo for Commercial Vehicles

Peter Davies, Sr. Powertrain Director, will chair a session on “Turbine: aerodynamics and flow analysis of CFD, optimization, multi-physics and T/C CHT”.

Honeywell Technical Papers

Four key technical papers will also be presented:

TwoStage Electric Compressor for Fuel Cells

Speaker: Mark Gee

Comparative System Level Assessment of Different Electric Boosting Architectures

Speaker: Sujeet Vankayala

Development of High Temperature Material Constitutive Model for Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) Loadings in Turbochargers

Speaker: Avadhoot Kulkarni

Improvement of Monoblock By-Pass Value for Sealing, Controllability and Catalyst Light Off

Speaker: Damien Marsal

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