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September 16, 2021

Garrett Motion is present at the 5th Automotive Cybersecurity China Summit

On September 16-17, Garrett Motion will participate in the 5th Automotive Cyber Security China Summit 2021, presenting a keynote speech on “New Challenges of connected vehicles under SOA structure and Garrett software solution ”. A new set of challenges of cybersecurity face the automotive industry as it starts its transition to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). For instance, some of the addressed topics are:

  • How to prevent disclosure of service discovery broadcast messages
  • How to guarantee the authenticity of consumer service
  • How to guarantee authority of the service consumer
  • How to guarantee integrity and confidentiality of service communication
  • How to monitor services to guarantee the health of system

Garrett’s comprehensive cybersecurity product and SOA-based analysis could stay ahead of hackers with our on-board and off-board solutions to detect, report and protect vehicles against cyber-attacks. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about Garrett cybersecurity technologies and meet our experts during the event!
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Presented Technologies

Garrett Motion Cybersecurity Solutions

Garrett Motion expertise combines nearly 70 years of Tier 1 automotive technology leadership with a unique aerospace and industrial software heritage. Our Cybersecurity solutions are tailored to the automotive product development process, meet productivity requirements, certification and agility needs.

We are creating and developing an ecosystem of partners to best serve our customer needs, keeping pace with threat patterns, and delivering lower integration costs. We work with OEM, Tier 1, start-ups, agencies and representation groups, including the US National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, CLEPA, AUTO ISAC and The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). We also contribute to numerous technical papers and provide expertise on Standards Committees.

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Garrett Advanced Diagnostic & Prognostic Solutions

Our solutions help automakers, fleet operators and suppliers make vehicle health management more effective while lowering their operational costs and improving end-customer satisfaction.

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