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September 25, 2023

Webinar: Data-Driven Configuration for Automotive Intrusion Detection Systems

As vehicles have become more interconnected and software-defined, attack surfaces have become bigger and more complex. In recent years, a range of vehicle intrusion techniques have jumped from theoretical concerns to real-world financial liabilities for OEMs. In this environment, intrusion detection systems (IDS) are an essential element of a secure automotive platform.  

Data-driven models are an effective way to configure an IDS for a large variety of complex vehicle architectures. But the effectiveness of an IDS is disproportionately correlated to the quality of the data used to develop a model of vehicle network traffic. 

In this online webinar, we explore the unique challenges of data-driven IDS configuration and more about the present and future of automotive IDS.

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4 topics and key takeaways

  • Complex data ecosystems: Investigate the intricacies of handling vast amounts of data from a variety of sources
  • Reducing false positives: Understanding the disproportionate cost of false positives anomaly alerts and how to prevent them
  • Vehicle variants: building robust models that support multiple configurations   
  • The potential and drawbacks of intelligent systems in automotive IDS.


Cybersecurity Solutions

Nearly all cars manufactured today are connected. Although connected vehicles promise improved performance, greater safety and access to more flexible and tailored mobility solutions, they are also attractive targets for cyber-attacks with exponential attack surfaces. In a recent survey conducted by Capgemini, 68% of customers identified cyber protection as a key decision factor when buying a car.

Garrett Motion expertise combines nearly 70 years of Tier 1 automotive technology leadership with a unique aerospace and industrial software heritage. Our cybersecurity solutions are tailored to the automotive product development process and promote productivity and agility, while considering relevant standards in their design. These solutions are currently in production in one of the major global OEMs and more SOP to come during the year.

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