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Learn more about turbocharger performance with Garrett experts.

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Live Video: Boost Your Knowledge #3 - Turbine Housings

Learn the basics of Turbine Housings and how to select the right one for your application! We take you through examples and explain how to apply the knowledge to your own project

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Live Video: Boost Your Knowledge - Selecting A Turbocharger

Learn the basics to selecting a turbo using Garrett’s free online tool, Boost Adviser. We take you through two examples and explain how to apply the knowledge to your own project

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Turbo System Optimization

Turbo System Optimization covers the auxiliary systems and how to properly calculate, install, identify problems, as well as tips for how to correct common problems that arise from incorrect installation. You will learn about water lines, siphoning effect, charge air tubing, oil supply, and drainage, oil restrictors and recommended oil pressure. In the end, you will be equipped to understand how to optimize your turbocharger system.

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Garrett Boost: Club Line Turbochargers

GBC turbochargers are a new product line engineered for small engine displacement vehicles line powersports, personal watercraft, and autos. These journal bearing units feature internally wastegated turbine housings fully assembled and calibrated by Garrett technicians.

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Turbo Speed Sensor and Boost Gauge

Comparing boost levels and shaft speed on a compressor map, you can determine the ideal operating conditions to insure peak power over a wider operating range. All Garrett Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kits are compatible with data loggers to enhance engine tuning capability

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PowerMax Vehicle Specific Performance Products

Garrett PowerMax vehicle specific products increase engine performance while maintaining OEM installation specifications. Featuring both intercooler and turbocharger kits for today’s hottest turbocharged applications.

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G57-3000 Turbochargers

G Series G57 is the largest and most powerful turbocharger in the Garrett portfolio. Learn more about it from Performance Business Development Manager, Ivo Pavlicek.

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Bar and Plate Intercooler Cores

Garrett manufacturers a full line of air-to-air and air-to-liquid intercooler cores. Available in different sizes and horsepower ranges that can support form 300 – 1250 horsepower. Bar and plate construction combined with advanced offset fins provide best in class thermal protection.

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G Series G25 Turbochargers

G Series G25 turbocharges are engineered for small engine displacements ranging from 1.4L – 3.0L engines. The G25-550 and G25-660 utilize a 54mm turbine inducer that flows 15-20% more than GTX and has a peak efficiency of 74%.

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G Series G30 and G35 Turbochargers

Garrett G Series G30 and G35 turbochargers supersede the GTX30 and GTX35 products. New compressor, and turbine wheel aerodynamics increase flow and efficiency. The new center housing design features a one-piece centerhousing and backplate for increased durability and multi water port installation configurations.

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G Series G42 Turbochargers

G Series G42 turbochargers are engineered for engine displacements ranging from 2.0L – 7.0L. The G42-1200 and G42-1450 utilize an 82mm turbine inducer that flows 10% more than GTX42 and has a peak efficiency of 77%. G42-1200 Compact is an additional compressor housing option that provides that same peak flow in a smaller package.

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G Series G40 Turbochargers

Learn more about the Garrett G40 G Series turbocharger with Global Performance Marketing Leader, Tim Coltey.

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G Series G45 Turbochargers

Learn more about the Garrett G45 G Series turbocharger with Global Performance Marketing Leader, Tim Coltey.

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