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2015+ Subaru WRX 2.0L Intercooler

All aluminum, TIG welded construction increases strength and durability for on road and off road applications.


  • Supports up to 530 HP (395 kW)
  • 70% larger core than stock
  • Installs in stock location
  • Up to 16 HP (12 kW) and 15 lb-ft (20 N-m) of torque
  • Average 30 °F (16.7 °C) reduction in intake temp
  • Cast aluminum end tanks
  • Advanced offset fin design
  • Bar-and-plate construction


  • Cast aluminum end tanks
  • Advanced offset fin design
  • TIG welded for improved strength
  • Vacuum brazed bar-and-plate design
  • 70% larger aluminum intercooler core

Performance: Dyno Testing for Horsepower

Up to 30 °F intake manifold temperature reduction and 16 HP and 15 lb-ft performance gain



Performance: Dyno Testing for Heat Saturation

  • Multiple back-to-back dyno pulls in a wind tunnel to simulate real world driving conditions.
  • **Air velocity is synchronized with vehicle speed**
  • 30 °F intake manifold temperature reduction

Heat soak/saturation identifies the limit at which a CAC can no longer reduce charge air temperatures going into the engine.

Download section

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Subaru WRX 2.0L Intercooler Training Click Here Click Here
Subaru WRX 2.0L Intercooler Installation Instructions Click Here Click Here

Intercooler specifications


Part Number 891185-6001
Make Subaru
Model WRX
Year 2015+
Type 2.0L FA20F
Fuel Gas
Size Specs 13″ x 4″ x 10.2″
330mm x 102mm x 259mm