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Technical Papers
February 2019

Electric Turbo Boosting – A key Technology for EU7 – Baden Baden 2019

Author: Peter Davies, Nathaniel Bontemps, Alain Bas, Michael Ladonnet, Daniele Zecchetti, Simon Heintz | Garrett - Advancing Motion

Eu7 Mainstream Concept

Performance and CO2 potential at Eu7 Boundary Conditions

  • Lambda 1 980°C Full Map
  • 16% Power & 10,5% Torque vs Baseline
  • 4x Torque Gradient at 1500 rpm
  • Torque Consistency across Speed Range
  • > 60% Kinetic Energy Recovery in a Tip Out
  • True Recuperation still to be studied

Electrified Turbo has shown excellent Potential in 2018, Equally Applicable in Gasoline, Diesel and Commercial Vehicle




Garrett Motion Electric Turbo
















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