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September 30, 2020

World’s First Commercial Diesel Engine with Brake Thermal Efficiency Above 50% Launched by Weichai, Boosted by Garrett

© Weichai Holding Group Co.,Ltd.

© Weichai Holding Group Co.,Ltd.

Sept. 16 was a historical day in the development of internal combustion engines as China-based automaker Weichai Group officially launched the world’s first commercial vehicle diesel engine with a brake thermal efficiency above 50%, enabled by Garrett’s advanced diesel wastegate turbocharger technology.

At the launch ceremony, China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., China’s national internal combustion engine testing organization, and TÜV SÜD, a world authoritative testing organization, awarded Weichai certificates for brake thermal efficiency of 50.26%. The engine was jointly unveiled by Ling Wen, Vice Governor of Shandong Province and educator at the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and Chairman Tan Xuguang, Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Weichai Group.

Brake thermal efficiency is a measure of the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines. The higher the brake thermal efficiency, the lower the fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. Achieving a brake thermal efficiency of 50.26% is a revolutionary breakthrough in the world’s development history of this class of internal combustion engine and a major milestone in China’s ICE technology scaling yet another new height.

Weichai Power credits the high brake thermal efficiency to several of its proprietary technologies, including advanced combustion technology, exhaust energy distribution technology, and more. Together, these technologies help enable a series of world-class solutions such as high-efficiency combustion and attaining a brake thermal efficiency exceeding 50% in a diesel engine.

As one of the world’s turbocharger leaders and a long-term strategic partner of Weichai, Garrett mobilizes global engineering resources, supports local engineering teams, and conducts highly customized development and design for the China-based automaker. The turbo on Wechai’s 13-liter engine achieves optimal results and is based on Garrett’s third-generation platform developed in China.

The customized turbocharger platform has achieved these world class results through its brand-new aerodynamic design and optimization of the turbine housing. In addition, this is the first time Garrett is launching a commercial vehicle ball bearing turbocharger in China. This technology leverages ceramic ball bearings with much lower friction loss compared to a traditional floating bearing, which was originally, derived from the aerospace industry, and transitioned to high-end racing and passenger cars by Garrett. It enables Weichai heavy-duty truck engines to have better engine transient response, helps improve fuel economy and reduces nitrogen oxide emissions. Together these two new technologies significantly improve the both the turbocharger and the overall engine thermal efficiency. (BTE).

Weichai Group’s launch of the world’s first commercialized diesel engine with a brake thermal efficiency above 50% marks China’s position as a world leader in heavy-duty diesel engine technology. Garrett continues to work with the world’s best automakers to create innovative and cutting-edge technologies that make vehicles safer, more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and connected.


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